Friday, September 30, 2011

Lots of doctors appts...

Wednesday I finished my string of 3 doctors appts in 4 business days (still have one more but thats not til next Thursday).    Don't worry - everything is fine, I just switched to Adam's insurance, so I picked all new doctors that are in the area and now I had to go to them (PCP, Eye doc, OBGYN, Dentist, and I should probably go to a Neuro doc again too).

Wednesday's appointment was with the OBGYN - and with my history I just wasn't sure what to expect.   Ive been going to an OBGYN since I was 14 because of issues with my period (sorry for the guys who actually read this, but you might want to just stop while you are ahead).   I was placed on the pill at massive doses just to get things under control and over the next 13+ years (yup - I celebrated the pills Bat Mitzvah with me a couple years ago) I had to constantly change pills because they stopped working (but still worked better than not being on it).  I eventually ran out of pills to try and gave up once I got married.

With all those years of being on the pill, Ive gone through quite a few doctors - some changed practices, some left on their own maternity leave, I moved to DC, then I moved back home, then I switched insurance plans, and now I switched insurance carriers.    I have learned over the course of 15 years of going to an OBGYN that I like the male docs more.   Not sure why...

The only female I really like was when I lived in Alexandria (so if any NOVA folks need a recommendation - check out Laura Stone, MD).   She is actually the one who kept on searching for a reason for my issues (even though they started many years before) and eventually found out I had hypothryoidism - although that didn't fix any of my issues that I knew existed.

Back to the current day.   My recent appt was with Jay Rothberg, MD with Women's Specialists of Bucks County - out of St. Mary's Hospital.   First off, the office was SUPER nice.   That was the second new office in the same number of days that Ive been to, and they really make these doctors offices nice and comfortable now - I wish I could have that flooring and decoration in my own house. 

My first great part to the day was that they told me I didn't have a co-pay for my yearly exam - SWEET!  Then they took me back within 5 minutes of me finishing off the paperwork - that's never happened to me.   The nurse was really nice and friendly, and she just took my word for my weight and height (I was completely honest - I just HATE getting on those scales - and she asked).

I did wait probably like 10 minutes for the doctor once I was done with the nurse, but thats really not that bad.   And when he came in, he was just really nice and friendly.   He asked if I was just there for my yearly and I said yes, but that my husband and I would like to start thinking about growing our family (in case you didn't get the jist from yesterdays post) and you could see his face light up - he was just naturally excited for us.   He said he would call in a random pre-natal vitamin (yes, he really did say random), and he was just very "average joe" type guy about things.  

Then we went over my history/health issues and I really don't have any, so he was like "is that it?", so I said "well of course Im overweight" and I wish I could have videotaped his response.   He gave me a look like I must be anorexic to think Im overweight and said I clearly wasn't.   I gave him a look back and so he asked for my height and weight and said I could lose 10 lbs, but nothing more and its not the end of the world.   Mind you the "charts" say I should lose 25 lbs and I want to lose somewhere in the middle of those two numbers.

So then we continue through the appt and he asked about my exercise regimen (which he said is perfect), and I told him I walk because I can't run because of my 3 herniated discs - and immediately you could see he was disappointed to hear about that because that would make a pregnancy a lot more uncomfortable for me and he was just trying to keep things nice and easy so he started to talk about how to deal with that when the time comes.

At the end I mentioned that Ive been meaning to get tested for the jewish genetic diseases, and he got all excited about this new test that tests for 100+ diseases with one vial of blood - so we did that test (I'm sure that although I had no copay, Ill be paying quite a few visits worth of co-pays for that test...just hoping the insurance covers most of it) and then at the end before I left he said "look forward to seeing you in 3-4 months" and I was all confused, and then he said "hopefully" and then I was like DUH!

He clearly just really enjoyed his job and meeting new people and all that jazz - and with that came his awesome bedside manner.   Its of course just 1 appointment, and I haven't been through an actual pregnancy with him - but he just seems like a great doc - so if anyone is looking for a new doc - Id recommend him!    And I didn't check out his ring status, but if he is single, I know many a Jewish lady to match him up with (although Im pretty sure he is married with kids).


  1. It is so awesome to have an OB/GYN you love! And when you are pregnant they will get to know you very well! Maybe not as well as a fertility specialist... ;)

    I saw a Facebook post that referred to a blog post that I don't see on here. Did you take it down the other day?

  2. Hey there - I have dealt with similar stuff with the pill (having to be on it since my teenage years, etc.).

    Also, our rabbi asked us to have the "Jewish Panel" blood work done before we got married and my insurance covered it. It was crazy how much they can test for with two vials.

    I also hear you on the weight chart thing - because of my muscle mass, my weight lists me as overweight. But my bloodwork is outstanding and I have no health issues, so my doc is cool with it.

  3. Miriam - amazingly our rabbi never asked us, but we've been wanting too. And my makeup artist has a son with one of the diseases so she works with the victor center in Philly, so she gave us certificates for free testing, but they only do it two days a week during the work day, so we just never got out there. This is a new test though (just 1 vial and over 100 diseases!), and I don't have great insurance - but I think it should be, and Ill probably fight a little if it isn't.

    Kris - who knows, I might end up getting to know a fertility specialist as well, I just don't believe in my body based on its history.