Monday, August 5, 2013

Dear A-Rod...

Dear A-Rod,

Let's get things straight - the entire world has known for years that you are a cheater and have no respect for the game of baseball.   The difference between today and everyday previous to today is that you made it clear that you aren't even a man.

Today 12 men accepted their punishments for using performance-enhancing-drugs.    I don't agree with the decisions they made, but they were caught and they pretty much said "yup, you caught me fair and square, I cheated and I will accept my punishment".

In addition, before those 12 men was another man.   A man who was previously caught and denied, denied, denied.    A man who got away with it because of a technicality.   Sounds like that could be you - right?   Nope, that man eventually got caught red handed and said "I realize now that I have made some mistakes. I am willing to accept the consequences of those actions."  That man not only accepted a suspension, he accepted a suspension that was higher than the suspension netted for a first offense.   A deal they made because of his actions during and after his appeal in 2011.

Those 13 men are all cheaters and have no respect for the game of baseball.   But they admitted their faults, accepted suspensions and hopefully will move on and right their wrongs.    These men are men.

You on the other hand are not a real man, you will join the legacy of Barry Bonds - a man who should be best remembered for his baseball legacy, but instead he is remembered for his shrunken balls (as his girlfriend testified to).  

Good luck with your appeal - I hope that MLB smears your "legacy" the way my children smear they food once they are done eating.