Thursday, December 29, 2016

Holiday Weekend Family Fun

According to blogger, it has been over a year since I last blogged and oh so much has changed in that year - and there is so much to talk about!  But I will have to save the years worth of updates and thoughts for another post, cause this post is about the excitement of our holiday weekend in CT and the big updates that came from there.

Matthew, the kids and I spent the 3-day holiday weekend up in CT with Matthew's family where the kids and I participated in our first Christmas, alongside of Hanukkah.  We drove up late Thursday night - after a HORRID experience at JCP portraits doing our holiday photos where we ended up with exactly one decent picture - but I guess that's all we "need".

After a decent nights sleep - we got right into the holiday spirit, with the kids and I working on our first gingerbread houses and the kids playing a bit in the snow.  

And since the kids weren't going to be with us for most of Hanukkah, we decided to start Hanukkah a night early with a delicious Hanukkah dinner, followed by the kids giving everyone their gifts - the ones they bought from their school secret shop (highly entertaining!).  We then gave the kids their gifts for the first night, but we decided to share our gifts with each other at Christmas, so I thought the night was ending. Little did I know there was one gift left to give that night, and Matthew asked the kids to help him get it - at which time I had an inkling of what was coming. The kids (seperately) handed me a little white box and N opened it up to show me what was inside.  I asked if he knew what it was and he shyly told me that Matthew wants to marry me.   In what is apparently typical Wander fashion, Matthew never quite asked, but he did sweetly explain that we officially decided to become "exclusive" last Hanukkah, so it was only fitting that he propose this Hanukkah - and maybe in 20 years over Hanukkah we will get married, until then this ring remains a symbol of our commitment to - and love for - each other, our relationship and the family we are forming.

We're engaged!
...and the kids helped to propose!

The amazing ring - and my ugly, pale hand (picture doesn't do the ring justice)
The next day didn't bring as much "excitement", but it continued to bring new experiences and memories.   The kids got to decorate and bake Christmas and Hanukkah cookies (but it doesn't look like I took any pics - oops!), the kids relaxed for a bit in front of the tv and tree as dinner was being prepared, we had our first Christmas dinner - which was quite delicious! - and the adults all got to play Santa for the kids first Christmas.  

Watching tv while wrapped in a blanket in front of the tree

All the gifts under the Christmas Tree
The overfilled stockings for the kids
Christmas morning came and although S was disappointed she didn't get to see Santa, the kids played with a few of their Hanukkah toys while we waited until everyone was at the house and ready for the opening of gifts!

...and when they finally could, they tore open their gifts, helped pass out gifts to the adults and all around had a very happy morning.


Once we all recovered from gifts, we enjoyed a delicious Christmas breakfast, N built a lego set with Matthew, while I went on a 4-mile walk with Matthew's parents and S and she got to enjoy a stopover at the playground.

And then we switched and N and I got to enjoy some time outside with me before we had to pack the car up and take the kids to their fathers house.

All in all a wonderful Hanukkah and Christmas-filled family weekend with wonderful surprises and happy memories for all.  And now I look forward to adding on a couple extra days to the end of Hanukkah with my family and to get some more magical memories with my kiddos.

Hope you all had/have a Happy Holidays!