Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I do have brand loyalty!

A couple months ago, I wrote about brand loyalty, and how I pretty much had none.   It just occurred to me, as I was getting dressed for my aqua zumba class, that I do have some brand loyalty. 

Its 60 degrees outside today, and soaking wet from a day of rain - and the rain isn't supposed to stop for a while.    So I decided that I was gonna put on sweats over my bathing suit, and I pulled out the top pair of sweatpants, which were red, and then I took out a gray sweatshirt as that would best go with the red sweatpants.   I was deciding what to wear on my feet, when I decided flip-flops would be best since Im heading to the pool.   You know what everything that I picked out had in common?

They all had the Phillies logo or name (or both) scrolled across them :)   Of course everything is a completely different brand - but I am 100% loyal to my Phillies!

Let's Go Phillies, Let's Go!

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  1. LOL - As i was reading this, I remembered you walking in front of the car with this outfit on and I was trying to remember if it was all Phillies, but again I knew it was you because of the Phillies bag you had from the Festival!