Thursday, September 29, 2011

We are aren't trying, but we aren't not trying

We aren't trying, but we aren't not trying

We have all heard it a thousand times, and recently, Ive probably said it just as much - but if you "aren't not trying" that really means you are trying - so if you are trying, you can't be not trying.   (stop thinking about it and just trust me :))

If you haven't even figured out the general topic - I'm talking about trying (or not trying) to have a baby.    I just found out another one of my friends is pregnant - so that's kinda what got my mind going on this topic.   But over the last month or so, Ive probably said this a half dozen times or so. 

Adam and I aren't actively trying to have a kid, but I stopped taking the pill a while ago because it just caused more problems than it fixed (LONG story) and I'm sick of Charger eating condoms (I know - I just need to get a trash can with a lid for the bedroom), therefore I guess we are technically trying - but in my mind we aren't because we aren't focused on it or anything.

Therefore we aren't trying, but we aren't not trying :) 


  1. so apparently i have not read your most recent blogs before you came to visit....

  2. Nikky - you were busy - no worries - you ended up hearing it all while I was there anyways :)