Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crazy Conversations At Work

I'm working a short day today, and really shouldn't interrupt it to write this - but the funniest conversation(s) just happened.   There is a lady in our office who has been working here for about 6 months.   She takes phone calls from our "customers" who want to check in on their CME credit or are having questions/trouble with one of our activities or sites.   Not sure of her title, but we will call her CME Coordinator (CC for short) for the purpose of this conversation.   After 6 months, CC is still asking everyone questions that she should know.   But then again, 90% of my office does that - why learn when the girls in program management can tell you everytime or do it for you.  

As senior program manager, and one of the girls in program management, I am the main contact person for the programs I run - which includes all of our websites that we own.   I have had the responsibility of being the program manager for these sites since April 2010 - before CC came on board.   EVERYONE knows I am the website girl - they know they can come to me for any answers.    Back in December/January, I hired someone to be my coordinator (WC for short).   I was able to hire from within, so the transition time for WC was super short.   WC's job is to take care of the day to day stuff for these sites, plus a few other responsibilities, so that I can handle the bigger picture and also still take on all the other live, print and web programs I was working on before I took on these websites.

Fast forward to today.   CC takes a call from a user having trouble logging in to two of our sites.   She is going back and forth on the phone with him, and eventually she can't help him and she yells over the cube walls and starts asking questions about logging in to these sites, and WC and I are both answering her questions and then she says (no joke) - do you guys know anything about these sites?   Maybe you can talk to him?

No - we know NOTHING about our programs/websites/activities!  That's why they keep us around and keep on sharing positive feedback with us.

So WC asks some questions, gets the guys username and password and wha-la - she is logged in no issues.   So WC starts asking CC some questions, which sadly are the common answers for the issues such as does the user speak English?

WC: Is he old?
CC: Yes
WC: (completely serious and stoic): That's your issue.

Sorry for all my "old" readers - I know this isn't true of all of you - but I can attest, this is completely true of the older users of our sites who have issues.   If someone has an issue logging in - nine and a half times out of ten its because they are typing their password in wrong - or they don't understand the site and can't figure out how to log in.

Oh - and when WC talked to the guy - guess what?   He was already logged in!!

Did I mention these people are doctors and are going on to our sites to keep up their MD license?    I hope to g-d I never see ANY of my doctors at any of my activities - unless they are the speaker...

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