Thursday, September 29, 2011

Playoff Schedules

MLB and TBS are really starting to piss me off.   The Phillies have made the playoffs for the last 5 years, they have had the best record in the MLB for the last 2 years and this year they broke the franchise records for wins.   They have the BEST rotation in the majors and yet they still aren't considered a prime time game for Saturday night when all 4 series are being played?!?!?

Look I understand the Yankees are the Yankees and it doesn't matter where they rank they always are number one.   Wait - actually I don't understand it - especially since they are playing Detroit - but Ill accept it.

But the Rays and Rangers - two smaller markets, one of which can't even fill their stadium EVER - get the 7pm slot over the Phillies and the Cardinals?    I would be willing to state that the Cardinals have a larger fan base than the Rays or the Rangers - and they have Pujols which provides his own following.

Oh and did I mention that Roy Halladay will be starting this game?   The same guy who threw a no-hitter in this exact game last year - only the second no-hitter in post season play in MLB history!!

FU MLB and an even bigger FU to TBS - we know your announcers have always had a huge bias against the Phillies - but now you show that it is coming from the top as well.

I can't wait (massive amounts of sarcasm) to see what happens if the two AL Series need to go to a Game 4 and there are another 4 games on Tuesday...

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