Friday, September 23, 2011

Life is....

BUSY!   Its that time of year at work.   Well I guess its always that time of year except in the summer and that one really bad year.   But as soon as September hit, work got really busy, and therefore I have a thousand posts in my head that I want to write (if I can even remember them), but I barely have a second to write them - I really need to get back to completely OCD and have my life scheduled out like I used to (yes I was that crazy!).

Well, eventually I will finish finish all the posts I started over the last month and start (and finish) all the posts that are in my head, but in the meantime, I quick recap of the past week or so:

- We are officially getting Kali!!!  We got an email the other week about her giving us a little description of her personality - and Adam and her will be best buds!   She loves her foster mom because her foster mom just lies with her and cuddles.   Adam could never get me to sit still and cuddle, nor can we get Charger to do that (well sometimes we can), so maybe adam will finally have his match :)   We will be changing her name to Kalas (in honor of the great Harry Kalas).   I think we will give her a middle name - but Im not set on anything yet.   My friend Marci recommended J-Roll (nickname for Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins for those non-Philly, non-baseball folks).   I do like that, and I definitely want a Phillies name - any thoughts?  Plenty of names in my head - Tug, Schmidty, Utley, Dutch, Whitey, LA, list goes on and on and on....

- Adam and I unofficially gave Charger a middle name - cause if Kalas gets one, he should to!   For those that don't know, although some might think his name is Charger because he charges someone as soon as he sees them (we - ie. I - are working on that), he is named after the Dodge Charger, the name just fits his personality perfectly.   I wanted to give him a taste of the Phillies, but then Id have to give Kalas a car middle name, so I comprimised - although I did pick this one.   His new middle name (when its not Barks-a-lot or something that we are just teasing him with) is Mustang.   Charger Mustang Needleman

Trust me those are not the things that have been keeping me crazy busy, just the stupid things that I felt like sharing right now :)

Oh - and I started to follow a new blog, and Im starting from posts in the end of August, and only gotten a few in, but I really like this one.  Sadly I like it cause it sounds like she is in the same boat as my sister-in-law and I with our in-laws - but its entertaining.   If you like my crazy MIL stories - go check out Elle at This is Mommyhood - she has some good ones up there about hers.

Hopefully Ill catch up on blogging this weekend - but more than likely not since I have a list a thousand things long (in my head) of what I need to do this weekend...


  1. Wow, thank you so much for mentioning my blog! I hope to finish a post this week that I've been writing about how my MIL made my wedding miserable. Don't you just love MIL's? ;) xx

  2. Elle - thanks for stopping by my blog! I really have been enjoying your blog, although I have tons to catch up on. Can't wait to hear about your MIL with your wedding. I pretty much just ignored mine the entire time, but she did cause many problems for me beforehand and a little during. Maybe I'll eventually post about that.