Thursday, September 1, 2011

Camp Levitties (or your Summer Camp)

I miss the days of summer camp and not having to worry about anything!

I used to go to both day camp and overnight camp.   I did day camp for as long as I can remember at Camp Levitties which was/is a local JCC camp.  But for two summers, I took a "break" for 2 weeks and then 4 weeks to do overnight camp at Camp Arthur Reeta.   Unfortunately the only reason I stopped going to overnight camp was because it shut down :(  There were other overnight camps - but that was my camp, and I wasn't gonna go be a traitor and go to a rival overnight camp :)

Anyways, I recently got thinking about my days at camp levitties.   Not quite sure how I thought about it, but once I did, my mind just kept going.   Man that place was fun!   I used to be such a klutz (not sure how much of that has changed), but here are some funny stories from my summer days:
- I seriously bruised my butt playing kickball.   I put everything into kicking the ball, missed and fell on my ass.  
- I gashed my knee open - probably should have gone to the hospital to get stictches - but I enjoy my scar.   My friend Jaime and I had gotten dressed from the pool quickly, ran back to our "bunk" and hid behind furniture - our goal was to scare everyone else when they came in.   Well I apparently was next to a vent and when I got up - I slashed my knee - and it was GUSHING blood.   It didn't hurt much at all - but I was crying my eyes out cause there was blood everywhere.   I wasnt able to do any activities for like 2 weeks until that thing heeled
- I somehow defied the odds and choked on a lifesaver - I know they say its not possible, but I swear I couldn't breath.   The good thing is, it melts, so I put warm water down my throat and could breathe again.

Im not sure how many times - or for what reasons - I was in a wheelchair, but I clearly remember being in a wheelchair a few times.   Looking back on it - I probably just enjoyed hanging out in the nurses office or playing around in the wheelchair.

Anyone else remember any of those crazy summer camp stories - either about me or your own?

Also, for all my Levitties peeps - how did the camp song go?!?!?   I know Im gonna kill it - but this is what I remember:

We are Camp Levitties
we are great, we're the best
we're better then then rest
Having a good time in the warm summer sun,
making friends and having lots of fun
We have arts and crafts and ....

And I completely go blank after that (and Im sure I killed that!)

Oh - and camp levitties is where I started my obsession with Baby Got Back :)  Im fairly certain, either my bunk or another did that for lip sync one year - probably wasn't appropriate for the young-uns...and Im fairly certain most of my friends (especially the ones who had a wedding I attended) wish it never existed - LOL

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  1. Omg I sooooooo miss camp. I did day camp till I was 10 and then 11 through 18 was sleepaway for 8 weeks. So friggin awesome. I still remember a bunch of words to my sleepaway camp songs, especially when a song it was written to comes on the radio and I start singing blue ridge words.