Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our newest additions and my MIL

Well I had the twins last Thursday.   They were born exactly at 36 weeks due to some concern about our Baby B.   More on all that another time though - this post is being sparked by an email received by my ILs (SHOCKING), and it was just too long for a facebook post, but it should be somewhat quick.

During my early morning pumping session, I decided to try to start to finally clear through some emails and I see the following email from my MIL from Saturday:

We are e-mailing rather than calling because we know how hectic this time can be.  Hope you are resting  and feeling wonderful.  We'd like to stop and  see our gorgeous grandchildren this evening around 6:00. 

Ummmm - why would you think Im gonna see an email?  Especially since you recognize this time is hectic.    I did bring my laptop, but it was barely used and they didn't know I had it.   They did eventually send a text, but I wasn't able to respond as I was in the NICU visiting my daughter, until later that afternoon and said it was okay, but they never responded and pretended not to see it until well after 6pm.    They decided to just come the next day and spent a whole 20 minutes there - arriving after my neighbors and leaving before them - so the combined total of their visits was about 60 minutes, only 20 of which was spent actually seeing their grandchildren - the other time they got there early and left pretty quickly because we were spending time in the NICU and they didn't bother to wait around.

I would bet lots of money (if I had it) that if our daughter was the one in the room with us and our son were in the NICU, they would have spent more time and made more attempts because they finally got their girl.    Don't get me wrong - Im glad they weren't around much, but my biggest concern about the possibility of having a boy and a girl was that it would be obvious that the girl would be favored more by them.    This still hasn't been proven, and who knows, maybe they just won't give our kids much attention at all since we don't put up with their antics, but I'm betting its the former...

Okay - well pumping session is over, and IM gonna go get a couple hours of shut eye before the next nursing session.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baby Status Update

Its been QUITE some time since I wrote a blog post.   My intention was that when I went on maternity leave I could catch up with all those posts that were floating around in my head for the past few months, or even the ones I started before that - but Ive actually been staying away from a computer most of my leave.   I thought that I would be really productive during my leave, get the house cleaned, catch up on a lot of things that needed to be done, read some books, etc.   Instead, when not in a doctors office or the perinatology center for testing, Ive been spending most of my time with me feet up on the sofa, watching TV - which is even odder since Im totally content without a TV.   I guess Im trying to get all my sleep and TV watching in before I know I won't be able to do it anymore.

Anyways, tomorrow is 36 weeks!   36 weeks -38 weeks is considered full term for twin pregnancies.    Id like to make it to 38 weeks, specifically, my scheduled c-section at 38 weeks, 5 days.   I know it will take a lot of energy from me, but I don't have many complaints so far, so Id like to keep these babies cooking as long as possible.   

With that being said, tomorrow is a BIG day for me.   Not just because it is my 36th week, but because the morning is chock full of appts - any of which could end with me in labor and delivery.

The first appointment of the day is an ultrasound.   I am now going for ultrasounds every 2 weeks (although it could even go to every week), because Baby B is not growing as the doctors want.    At my last ultrasound at 34 weeks, Baby A continued to stay right around the 50th percentile (where its always been) with an approximate weight of 5lbs, 1 oz.    Baby B unfortunately has gone from the 24th percentile at week 28 to the 38th percentile at week 31 to the 17th percentile at 34 weeks, with an approximate weight of 4lbs, 1 oz.    The weights are all estimates, but there is a slight concern that Baby B isn't getting the nutrients needed, so if he/she has not put on weight since 2 weeks ago, then they will deliver these babies tomorrow.   If Baby B has put on some weight, just not what they want to see, then I will continue to go back for an ultrasound every week or 2 until I deliver the babies.   So let's hope that Baby B has started to take in the nutrients needed and put on some weight!

The next appointment is for my twice-weekly non-stress test (NST).    Last Monday, Baby B gave us a bit of a scare and had a deceleration at (the very end of) my NST, so I was sent up/over to labor and delivery for further monitoring.    After 4 hours of monitoring, the babies only showed lots of accelerations, and no decelerations, so I was released.    A few days later at my next NST, Baby B's HR dropped once again, this time not so low, but still of concern.    After the nurses discussed it with my perinatologist and OB, I was sent back to L&D for more monitoring.    After 3 hours, I was released with no concerns.    I had another NST this past Monday, and Baby B was nice to me this time and I was able to go home after the test - WAHOO!!   Because of that, I don't foresee the NST being an issue tomorrow.

The last of the appts is my weekly appt with the OB.   I don't foresee anything occurring at this appt that will send me to L&D, but with all these appts, I'm prepared for the babies to come as early as tomorrow.

With all that being said, I will put my thoughts out there as to my guesses for the babies:
- I think Baby B is a girl and my main reasoning is that I just think its a yenta and wanted to meet/have me meet the nurses in L&D.   Additionally I have started to really break out in my face and put on some weight in places other than my belly - which are typical "old-wives tales" for having a girl.
- I really think there is a boy in my belly - and since I think Baby B is a girl, that leaves Baby A to be the boy.    I'm not sure why I think this, just that I feel strongly that I'm carrying at least one boy - and with the history of my husbands family - it would be crazy for there NOT to be a boy in here.   Additionally, the way Im carrying is indicative of a boy (again, according to old-wives tales).

With those predictions, I still wouldn't be shocked to find out I'm wrong - although I would be slightly shocked (but still elated) to find out that there are two girls.

Anyways, lets hope both babies, specifically Baby B, continue to do well in the womb and get to stay in there longer.   And who knows, maybe Ill be better with the blog before the babies arrival, because lord knows I will be HORRIBLE with it after they come into this world.