Friday, September 2, 2011

Mother Nature

What an interesting week month of August on the east coast in regards to mother nature...

First we were having record rainfall in the month of August (for the Philly region).   As of the middle of the month, we had already broken the record books for the amount of rain in the month of August, and were less than half an inch away from breaking the record for the most rain in a month EVER - and we still had half a month to go in the middle of hurricane season.

Then came last Tuesday, when we had the first "major" earthquake on the east coast in a century.   I personally didn't feel a damned thing, and feel jipped about that, but all of my family felt it, the people in my office felt it (I wasn't in the office) and many friends felt it.    Who would have really thought that there would be an earthquake on the east coast?   I know that there is a fault line right in Huntington Valley (which is right outside of Philly for those non-locals who read this) but I still thought that a local earthquake was along the same lines of Jersey being washed away during my lifetime.  Sidenote: although most people wouldn't miss the armpit of America - I think it will take hundreds to thousands of years for that to occur.

After people handled an earthquake in exactly the opposite way you should (running out of buildings and into the streets) and the local news covered it live for HOURS so that's all you could find on TV and all you heard on the news for 24 hours - the news of Hurricane Irene came pounding in and took over the news. 

On Friday before Hurricane Irene hit, we got another storm that helped put the Philadelphia area over the record for any month EVER- and were still expecting another 7-12 inches from Irene.   Massive evacuations occurred throughout the tri-state area (PA, DE and NJ).   It ended up not being as bad as expected, but after Hurricane Katrina, you can never be too safe.   We still did have PLENTY of flooding and power outages.   The below picture is of the Neshaminy Creek flooding one of many streets in Bucks County (this is near my parents and sister, pictures courtesy of my sister - although she doesn't know that until she reads this).

I'm fairly certain that the car got flooded into the middle of the street from a nearby driveway, but I guess there could have been an idiot who tried to drive down that street in the middle of the hurricane, no matter what - that sucks!  

Hope everyone survived the month of August in tact without any major storm (or earthquake) damage.

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