Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The things dogs eat...

I start this off with a warning that there could be a bit TMI included in this post - so continue at your own risk :)

Dogs really do eat the craziest things - and I'm not talking about the food we humans give our dogs.   Charger, like many dogs, loves to tear through the trash.   He specifically loves to tear apart, and occasionally eat, tissues and dryer sheets.   The trashcans that cause the most trouble are the upstairs bathroom and our bedroom - because that's where the culprits usually lie.

Typically the tearing apart of tissues and dryer sheets doesn't bother me - I just pick up the remnants after he gets to it.   Oddly enough he could care less for the feminine products that lay in the trash can.   He usually could also care less for plain old tissues - he really likes the ones with flavor (ie used tissues from a cold).

I remember my mom telling me that our childhood dog, Tanya, loved to get to the used pads.   Well if you think that's gross - you might want to stop reading here.

I know - you don't want to read further, but you just can't stop!

Charger LOVES to eat (used) condoms.  This past week, I came upstairs and found a wad of tissues sitting on the bedroom floor the next morning and it was barely touched, and I couldn't figure out why Charger took out tissues but didn't touch them - and then I realized...

I swear the minute he realizes they are in the trash can, he goes on his own little trash diving adventure as soon as we aren't in sight and digs it out and leaves everything else behind.    We hide them in loads of tissues and push it to the bottom of the trash can - and that just doesn't work.   The simple solution is to buy a lid to my trash can - I just keep forgetting.   The good news (or bad news depending on how you look at it) is that it always comes out...

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