Saturday, December 31, 2011

What A Year!

2011 brought many ups and downs, but mostly ups!     Below are the best of for each month:
  • January - I didn't have to go on the yearly 11 day business trip to Hawaii this year!  (yes that really is a positive for me)
  • February - took my second (business) trip to San Diego, but this one for a week and fell in love with the town.
  • March and April - can't remember anything from these months...probably too busy with work :(
  • May:
    • Adam got a job back in the industry his background is in and he prefers to be in - automotive!   
    • We got in touch with family we didn't know/hadn't talked to in a long time on both sides (mine and Adam's).   In May it was Adam's side - I think it was a little later in the year that we got in touch with family from my side.
  • June:
    • We joined facebook - although I'm still not sure if that's a positive or negative, because now I'm addicted...
    • Adam and I celebrated our first year of marriage and went to our new favorite shore town to celebrate - Cape May!  
  • July: I started this blog, giving myself the ability to share my personal journeys and random thoughts with my friends, family and whoever else may end up reading this.
  • August: We had our first "real" east coast earthquake of my lifetime - which I feel jipped because I didn't feel it - and then Hurricane Irene landed in the area a few days later- which really was not as bad as was predicted.
  • September: Got back into my walking and walked the Rochester Half Marathon - now Ive got the itch back and am thinking of doing the Goofy Challenge at the Disney Marathon in 2013 and maybe another 3-day soon.
  • October: We adopted our second dog - this time a young puppy who we name Kalas - for you non-Philly folk, his name is in honor of Harry Kalas, a HOF Phillies announcer who passed away in 09..
  • November: My younger sister got married, the last of the weddings my parents put on.
  • December:  Still a few hours left - so the best might still be to come :)
I know that this was a tough year for many people, and it also had some negatives for us - mostly dealing with my ILs - but all in all, it was a great year for us - so I'm wishing that 2012 brings my friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, strangers and of course Adam and I the happiness and health that 2011 brought us..

Friday, December 30, 2011

A Personal Vendetta

This will be a nice short post :)   A while ago I wanted to write something about this, and I never got around to it, but when I was in the office yesterday, I overheard one of my co-workers mention ADT.     If anyone out there is looking for home security - I have a personal vendetta against ADT.   

There are plenty of other companies out there, please consider them.   From a customer service perspective, a local company will be able to provide you with better service.    As always make sure you do your research - and if you find ADT is the best choice for you - then so be it - but they don't treat their employee's well and have horrible customer service once the security system is installed.

When Hubby was working for Broadview, they got bought out by ADT, and he ended up losing a lot of installations, because when he went to go install it, he had to alert the customer that they were just purchased by ADT, and the customer went with Broadview to get away from ADT, so they weren't willing to have the installation occur and sign the paperwork.   This situation did not just happen once or twice, I remember hubby coming home MANY times from not doing an installation because this scenario was playing out.

There is more to my personal vendetta, but I'm choosing not to put that online just in case - feel free to talk to me personally for the full, long, drawn out story.   Or if you don't know me - leave a comment with an email and I will consider putting it in email.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Breastfeeding at Target

There was recently a breastfeeding sit-in at Target stores nationwide because of an issue that occurred last month at one in Texas.   If you are unfamiliar with the story - go here to read about it (or just google target breast feeding news, and plenty of stories will pop up)

The way Target employees handled the original situation was completely wrong.   To continuously walk past a nursing mother and make her feel bad and torment her is completely wrong - she is just doing something natural.

But with that being said, I do think the woman could have handled this better from the beginning.   I am not a mother, so you can all take my comments with a grain of salt, but I do have family members and friends who have breastfed, and I don't know any of them who would have just sat in the middle of the women's section and started to breastfeed.  

This has nothing to do with doing it in public, I completely agree that it is a natural thing and one shouldn't have to hide.   I was out with my friends the other month in a mall and we stopped to grab a drink and have a seat at one of the tables in the middle of the mall, and my friends baby was getting hungry and she breastfed right there - and I had absolutely no problems with that - it is normal.

But there is something to be said for finding an appropriate place in public.     Go to the furniture section and sit on a chair where you aren't just in the middle of an aisleway; go to the food area (all Target's have something in the front of the store) and breastfeed there.   In public is completely acceptable, in the middle of some random location isn't.

If you weren't breastfeeding and your baby was starving and you had to feed them.    Are you going to stop right in the center of a section, sit on the floor and pop out the formula and start feeding the kid?   No - you are gonna find a place out of the way to sit down and get it done.

Again - the Target employees who ridiculed the woman were completely wrong - and should be punished.   But this woman, and all people out there, should use some common sense.   

One day I hope to be a mother, and if/when that happens, I hope to be able to breastfeed.   When that happens, I promise you that I will not hide my breastfeeding, but that I will also do it appropriately, finding a location that is not in the middle of other people's way.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The end is near...

So you have all read my many posts about my ILs, specifically about my MIL.   Before I continue with this post, I just want to make it clear for all the past posts and any future posts.  As horrible as they treat Hubby and I and as much as we bitch about them, that is pretty much as far as it will go from our side.  

I use this blog as my sort of public journal.   For all, but them, to read.  Its my place where I can write what Im feeling and thinking and that be the end of it.   The Dear MIL letters I have written in the past and have thought about for future posts, are just blog posts.   This is place for me to write it, you to see it, be entertained by their craziness and comment on it.

As much as I would like to tell my ILs that they are about to lose a relationship with Hubby and I and any future children we have, unlike them, I am unable to cut ties with family members and have my children grow up without their (crazy) grandparents if they are alive and well.   I say unlike them because that is important in this post.  

The background on the "unlike them" part is that they have cut ties with almost all family except for Hubby and Hubby's brother and his family.   They have cut ties with MILs sisters and their family and hate the fact that we recently have chosen to have a relationship with them.   They have a bad relationship with MILs father and significant other, and treat them like crap and hate that we all chose to have a relationship with them.   And the only reason they even have a (bad) relationship with MILs father is because he continues to make the effort, and is the only one to do so - g-d forbid she contacts him.   They barely talk to FILs brother and family anymore, although they haven't been completely cut off like MILs family.    FILs mother is in a nursing home and Id be shocked to find out that he visits her even once a month.     FILs cousins have not been cut out, but they don't talk to them.   They were invited to our wedding, but wedding festivities is/are the only time I have seen them in my entire time with Hubby.

So now that you understand all of that...

It looks like the end is near in regards to our relationship and our future childrens relationship with my ILs.    Hubby received an email yesterday from his dad that pretty much trashed me, called hubby cruel and made an attempt to end a relationship with us.   Here is the last paragraph from the email:

I do not know you any more and I am sad at the cold cruel person you have become. I thought we raised better than the person you have become. The time has come for you make a decision. All I ask is that you do it soon so Mom and I can move on with our lives with or without you and Lynda in it.

I drafted a response for Hubby to edit and send (hubby isn't good with those things, so I start them off and then let him go from there).   As of 2 hours ago, he said the letter is perfect as is, but isn't sure what he wants to do yet, so I think its still sitting in drafts.

The letter is not cruel like theirs and pretty much says that it is up to them to accept us for who we are, and we will never make a decision to cut anyone out of our family, but if that is what they want, then they can make that decision.    It also says that if they chose not to make that decision, then they need to learn to treat us with the respect that we deserve, and, as always, the same courtesy will be returned to them.

I was taught that you are born into a family, and you don't get to chose them, you accept them for who they are.   We bitch about them, but we understand this concept.   I just wish they would understand that.

Monday, December 19, 2011

What a great start to the week...

After going to bed at 9:30pm last night, I woke up today after hitting snooze for 1 hour 40 minutes (although I don't remember hearing the alarm or hitting snooze for the first hour).   You'd think 8 hours of sleep would be more than enough when I normally get 6 hours, but apparently my body really wanted to get to 9+ hours of sleep.

After getting a really late start to my morning I go downstairs to see LOADS of frost on the ground, which means I can't just run out the door - although that ended up being a good thing, because I forgot how much of a mess I left the kitchen after giving up on coating my first round of truffles.

After finally getting on the road, traffic wasn't so bad to get to 295, and then as soon as I got to 295 I found out that Hubby's place of employment wanted to kill my car and myself.   I had my car in the shop on saturday because the battery light was going on.   The good news is that my battery was just really dirty and needed to be cleaned.   The bad news is that they never fully shut my hood, and it wasn't noticeable until I got on the highway and all the sudden my hood was shaking and looked like it wasn't very far away from flying off and causing an accident.   Luckily, I noticed it quick enough and was able to get over to the shoulder and slam it closed - but WOAH!  

Once I got on the road, traffic came to a screeching halt - there was a one-car accident up ahead.   Stupid people don't know how to drive.   When I finally passed that, the guy in front of me refused to go above 60 in the left lane - and the speed limit is 65 AND he was in the freaking left lane.  

After finally getting around him, the rest was smooth sailing - and amazingly, work has been the same as well - FINGERS CROSSED.

Looking forward to a short work week and a long weekend.    And eventually finishing all of my holiday baking tonight (hopefully, but possibly tomorrow night).

Hope you all had a better start to the day than me :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Response to my IL

So my MIL just (finally) responded to the invite that she received, but claims she never saw.    I only saw this response because a friend alerted me to the response and specifically commented on how much of an ass they are for that response.   With that, I decided I was going to email her, and then I really started to be a bitch and I know I can't send it, but I also can't tame it down - so maybe you all can help me tame it down?   Here is what I have so far (as you can tell, I finally hit my point with them, and as you can also tell, my very violent response highlighted in my last point is not the direction I would really go when I hit my point, and instead I would go in this direction).

I just wanted to let you know that your hostility-filled response is not just seen by Adam and I - its seen by everyone on the invite.    And in all honesty the only reason I actually saw it is because I had multiple friends who saw your response and emailed me about it to see what your issue was.  
Furthermore, although you guys didn't see the invitation until 12/12, this invite was sent out to you at the same time it was sent out to everyone else - 2 months ago.    When I re-sent you the invitation on 12/12, it was exactly that.   I had to do a re-send, not invite someone new.   I'm sorry that you somehow did not see the original invitation, but that is not a reason to take it out on us and start a new fight up with Adam.    
Lastly, this email was sent solely by me, so when you have an issue with it, take it up with me - not with Adam.   I'm sick of you guys constantly emailing and calling him to yell at him when most of your issues boil down to me.    Ive about had enough of it and your childish antics.  

Don't worry - I didn't press send, I just closed out the email, but I really do want to say something - and specifically let them know that their antics are being seen by others outside of us - and by their own accord.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I guess it could be worse...

Can't go a week without IL drama...

I interrupt this work day to give you breaking news on the IL front.   Okay not breaking news, but I am giving up my lunch hour, but it is also for my own sanity and well being.   My ability to blog on these matters give me the opportunity to release my frustrations and move on to the next task at hand.

So 2 months ago, I sent out evites to Hubby and my 2nd Annual Christmukah Party - and as I always do on any invitation where family is involved, I unfortunately invited my ILs.   And as always happens, they never RSVPd to the invite.    By this point though - after not RSVPing to our Thanksgiving celebration and then planning their own, I gave up on following up, and just assumed they had other plans.

So this past weekend they asked my BIL if they could take out their kids, and BIL said they had our party, but they could take them out during the day and bring them to the party.   Well FIL and MIL acted as if they had no clue what BIL was talking about.   

A couple days later Hubby responded to an email about a different matter, and decided to ask whether they were coming, and they said they had no clue what we were talking about, that they were never invited.   So a bunch of emails and 2 phone calls later, its settled - they were invited, but didn't see the invite, we resent it last night.

Then this morning, in the middle of catching up from 3 days out of the office, I see a couple missed calls from Hubby and I call him back.   MIL is upset that they were an afterthought and not invited (reminiscent of THE BIG fight back in June prior to the existence of this blog) and wants us to come over to discuss (ie - to start up a new fight).   I told Hubby we can discuss later.   Actually, my exact words were - "I want to go out and buy a gun and kill your mom".   Don't worry, I would never do that, Im not full of that level of violence and it would be MUCH MUCH MUCH easier to just tell them to F*** Off and cease having any relationships with them.   But that too will have to wait until Hubby and I both have the guts to have that conversation.

Anyways, so I just checked my email on my lunch break to find an email forwarded to Hubby from his brother.    FIL sent an email to BIL this morning stating that "As of last night we were not invited and Adam confirmed this over the phone this morning.   We feel very excluded.".   LIES, LIES, LIES!!   Last night, Hubby confirmed that they were invited, and I resent the invitation to them.   At no point did Hubby ever say they weren't invited.  And if you feel excluded from OUR holiday party - then talk to us about it - not someone else.

Oh - and not only were you not excluded, but now you have a taste of your own medicine from when you excluded us from your competing Thanksgiving celebration and your family Hanukah celebrations.

Looks like the holidays are off to a great start...can't wait til we actually have to see them...maybe I should drink a bottle of wine and tell them how I really feel...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My random Phillies interaction

For the few of you who read my blog, but don't actually know me - I am a DIEHARD Phillies Phan.   To the extent where I don't use the term "fan", but instead "phan".   To the extent that in 2000, the Phillies selected their Phans of the Century - selecting one person for each decade, based upon the year you were born, and honored them on field before the start of the home opener - and yours truly was selected as the Phan of the 80's Decade.  To the extent that I had a Sunday ticket plan for 3 years that I lived in DC/VA.   To the extent that I now have a full season ticket plan.   I think you get the point :)

Now that I gave that brief intro, I was at the Sheraton Society Hill in Philadelphia last Saturday running a meeting and towards the end of the meeting, I was walking one of my faculty out to his car that we arranged to take him to the train station when I saw this tall, African-american guy wearing a fedora-like hat and he looked awfully familiar - specifically, he looked like the Sarge - Gary Matthews, so I kept looking at him as I walked the doctor out.   But since I was working I had to put it behind me and do my job, so as I walked back inside, I was looking for the Sarge, but couldn't find him, so I asked the valet staff if that was Gary Matthews, and the guy had no clue what I was talking about.

So I walked inside somewhat disappointed that I didn't get to meet him and say hi. And then, as I walk in the door there he is walking down the hall.   So I take another couple looks and I finally get the courage and say "Gary?" like I know him on a first name basis and we haven't seen each other in a while - LOL.   Low and behold though - it was Gary Matthews.   And he was SOOO super friendly.   As soon as I said Gary, he walks right up to me, shakes my hand and says hi and starts talking to me, clearly knowing Im just a Phillies phan, not someone who he might recognize.   So as Im shaking his hand I notice he has the 08 World Series ring on and I ask if I can take a picture of it, and he starts taking it off and says he can do one better, I can put it on (!!!!!!).  Thats when I start to get super excited and maybe a little nervous and very jittery.  So he puts it on my hand (and jokes that Hubby won't be happy cause I'm covering up my bands) and as I start to try and take a pic he says "don't you want the other one".   I didn't even notice it - but of course I will!   The other one was the 09 NL Champions ring, so not a WS ring - but still AWESOME!.   So through the shaking and excitement, I took this picture.  

I also tried to get a picture with him, but I was shaking sooo much - he even started to tease me.   I did get a half decent picture, and then another one of my docs who was in the lobby graciously took a picture of us.

So after a crazy busy day that started at 3:30am and a meeting that had every curveball thrown at it that could happen - my day ended on an awesome note :)

P.S. Prior to this meeting, I was never a huge fan of the Sarge because I thought he was a poor announcer, but he was SOOO friendly and generous, I will now be a huge fan of him, and just have to ignore my issues with his announcing - LOL.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bad week on WW

So this has been a really bad week for me on weight watchers.    I didn't have a weigh in last week because I go on Thursday nights - and well Thursday night was Thanksgiving, so I have to go tonight, but Im so not looking forward to it.

I was actually really good the week before Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving - to the tune of a 1.5lb weight loss on Friday morning (according to my scale, which I get on daily).  

Then came Black Friday.   I was pretty good in the morning - after shopping at Rice's Flea Market with my sister and parents, my parents took us out to breakfast.   I ordered an omelet that was full of veggies, and I had it made with eggbeaters.   When I asked for fruit to replace the potatoes, I was told they couldn't do it, but I left some of the potatoes on the plate.  That is a big success for me.   Then I came home, and I started snacking on leftovers, and then I started snacking on leftover desserts and before I knew it I had eaten a handful of cookies, 2-3 brownies, some candy corn bark - and I was barely in the afternoon.   I figured, no problem, I did really good on Thanksgiving, so one day isn't so bad.

Then came Saturday - I started the day off good, counting my points with a 4 point oatmeal and then a 5 point nut bar before heading out for a walk, and then I went for a 4+ mile walk with the dogs.   Success!   Then I came home and guess what I did.   Dug into the leftovers - dinner and dessert again - and again heavy on the dessert.  FAIL!

Then came Sunday - I started off the day not so bad.   I had a banana and a couple pieces of cornbread that I didn't know the points for, but I figured it couldn't be too bad.  Then we ran to go visit hubby's mom-mom and stopped home for lunch before heading out to our cousins soccer game.   Guess what I had for lunch - thanksgiving leftovers, 2 rounds of it!   I stayed away from the dessert for the most part, but then Hubby brought a bag of cookies with him and I ended up eating two and a half of his cookies.   Not too bad.   Then we came home and I ate a bunch of caramels as I made the Caramel Apple Cider cookies, and then i ate a couple cookies.   Then I went to my parents for Sunday dinner and indulged in dinner and desserts - FAIL!

Monday came, and I decided to be good, I packed a healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks.   I went back to journaling my food/points.   I had 15 points left when I got home - SUCCESS!   But I worked until 7:30pm, so when I got home, I was in a crap mood and went right for a cookie.   I made a decent dinner, but then indulged in the cookies again.  FAIL!

Tuesday came - and again, I packed a healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks.   I didn't journal, but I did good.   Then someone pissed me off at 6pm, so i grabbed a bag of chips (you know the big bag that serves like 6...) and before I knew it, the bag was gone.   I was at work til 8pm, so i figured Id just be good when I got home - and I was.   Until I got hungry and started snacking on more chips.  I ate a lot and then I had another cookie before bed.   FAIL!

Wednesday came - and after two long days at work, I knew it was going to be another long day - especially since I was in an all day meeting where we got to order a yummy, unhealthy lunch.   The soup of the day from the place we ordered from was Shrimp and Crab Bisque - MMMM.   So I ordered that, as well as a quesadilla because I knew the soup wouldn't be enough.   I could see the layer of oil in the soup - yet I still ate the entire thing.   I also ate the entire quesadilla.   Got home and ate some candy corn and some leftover spinach gratin.   Lunch = FAIL!

And here we are...Thursday...forced myself into a good day, but that won't make up for such a bad week when I saw the addition of 1/2 pound each morning I got on the scale.   Weigh in is gonna be a total FAIL.   But I must go - because I need the weigh in and the meeting to try and push my butt back into gear.

I really need to a) get rid of the leftovers b) get out and exercise (notice there wasn't any exercise, with the exception of Saturday) and c) get back to journaling.   Must lose the weight that I put back on this week and continue to work towards my ultimate goal of 20 lbs - which will put me at the lowest weight of my adult/young adult life.

Any advise from fellow dieters out there?