Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Name and Address Change

After a couple months of posting, I was on one of my many long drives between home and work when I thought of a better blog title than Life with Lynda, therefore I would like to introduce the new name, link and look.  

The new name of my blog is Life is Like a Box of Chocolate (Lifes-like-a-box-of-chocolates.blogspot.com).  Im still working on the look and would eventually like to create my own design.   Ive got a good design idea - but Im not a designer - so if anyone out there is and wants to design my blog for free - let me know :)  Until then - this is the new design.

The reason for the change is because my blog, just like our lives, is like a box of chocolates.   My blog posts range from my in-laws, the Phillies, my dog(s), or whatever is on my mind at the current moment.

Let me know your thoughts, I can always change things up again.   And let me know if you ever have any topics you want me to talk about.   Hopefully I will get the chance to write down all the thoughts in my head before they leave for oblivion.

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