Monday, September 12, 2011

"Slow " Drivers

Patience is a virtue I never truly learned.   I really wish that I had patience, and there are times - few and far between - that I am patient, unfortunately those are very rarely when I drive.

Im not one of those crazy drivers that weaves in and out and is constantly flipping back and forth between slamming on my breaks and my gas.   I am one of those people that many would consider to have a lead foot.

Today, I ran into one of those drivers on the road that drives me crazy and puts me in one of those moods.    Its not the slow driver - those I get frustrated at, but can handle and can quickly get over, especially if/when I get past them.

The driver Im talking about is the ahole who drives slow when you are behind them, but as soon as you try to pass them (and do if you are able to) speeds up.   I really hate those people!  And 90% of the time, they really are dicks.   

Today's person kept on slamming on his break whenever a car got in front of him, even if the were 3 car lengths ahead.    I finally got the chance to pass them - or so I thought - and I got over, but the car didn't pickup as quickly as I wanted so I had a very small window of opportunity to get around him and it was tight - but definitely doable.  

I HATE cutting people off, and I usually don't make those moves, but this time I decided to do it.   Don't worry - no accident - I still had a good half a car length between me and the car behind me.   But wouldn't you know it.   Mr. Ahole decided to beep at me (thats fine - honestly, I can understand that - I did make a kinda dick move) and then SPED up crazy fast and right on my bumper and started to yell out his window at me.   Like if I seriously hit my breaks, he would have hit me.  

I then got in the left turn lane, and lucky me it was at a red light for all, so Mr. Ahole slowed up and left a LARGE gap between him and the person in front so he could be next to me and YELL at me, giving me the finder and whatnot.   

I really hate those drivers (and hope none of you are that type of driver).   Id really much rather that you make a decision and stick with it - you are either slow, or fast, not whichever one pisses off the people around you who are fast.

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