Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 years ago..

10 years ago all our lives were forever changed - and just like my parents generation could tell you where they were when they heard that JFK was shot - everyone can tell you where they were when they heard about the September 11th attacks.

At that time, I was a sophomore in college at American University - located right in our nation's capitol.   I remember that morning I had worked the 5am-8am shift at the Anderson Front Desk, and like usual after one of those shifts, I would go back to my room and go to sleep.   On that day, my roomie was getting ready for her morning class, when she got an instant message from someone to turn on the tv, a plane had hit the towers.   So she apologized to me as she turned the tv on.   I too, of course, started to watch the tv - and I just lied there in shock as we watched what was going on.    We saw live the plane hit the second tower, and then saw the second tower crumble, and then the first tower crumble.     During this time, we also heard and watched about the Pentagon and then the strike that was diverted from the capitol and instead crashed in Central PA.  

I can remember my moms call to make sure I was okay - I think it was before the second tower was hit - because I remember at that time, making sure my dad was safe (as he works for the gov't on a Navy "base") - but still not realizing quite how serious it was and joking with my roommate that it was my mom calling before I knew it was her.  

I remember, finally getting out of bed - after lying there and watching for 2+ hours.   I remember hanging out/mourning on the front steps of Anderson with all my friends, I remember the phone calls I got to make sure I was safe since I was in DC.   I remember sitting on those Anderson steps when my friend Kat finally heard from her good friend who was a marine.  

AU is right down the street from the Naval Observatory, the VP's residence (which is on the observatory) and NBC News - so I remember going to the other end of campus and watch the military and news drive up and down Mass Ave.   

I remember the candle light vigil that night outside of Kay Life Center and then having fighter planes fly directly over us right as it was ending.

I remember being glued to the TV for days - probably weeks.   I remember saving newspapers and magazines so I can show my kids someday*

I remember the interest that grew inside me about this day, turning into me putting together a paper on the effects of 9/11 on the global marketplace - my only A+ college paper - for my global marketplace class

I remember a bomb threat being called into the Anderson front desk on Thursday morning, and everyone having to evacuate campus - and me being stupid thinking that it wouldn't be long and classes would still occur - so I stuffed my backpack full of books and had to lug that around until they let us back on campus later that afternoon.   I remember that my roommate had the 5-8am shift that morning, and the call came in right after she left.   I remember exactly who it was who handled that call so well - I don't think I could have.

Most importantly, I remember all the lives that were lost, and I will always remember 9/11 and how it changed everything...we will always remember.

*Im not a history buff - but when I was in hebrew school I had a lot of interest in reading and learning more about the holocaust - no matter how devastating and sad it was, I just couldn't read, watch and hear enough about it.   I found the same thing occurring with 9/11 - and it still continues.   I can't read or watch enough about the devastation and the stories that people have to share.

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