Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Francis Ford Coppola Winery

For those who have not drank Francis Ford Coppola wine – you are seriously missing out.   It is some of the yummiest, smoothest wine out there.   My favorites are the Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio.   I typically go for the Noir as Im a red person.

Recently my experience with the winery has extended past their wine, and I have to say, they just continued to impress me.    

Earlier in September (when the ILs came over), I opened a bottle of the Pinot Noir, but I had some issues opening the bottle.   I used my nice corkscrew – which is just like a rabbit.   You just put the handles around the top of the bottle, push the lever down and pull the lever up and wha-la, your bottle is opened.   When I went to do that this time, I pushed down and pulled up, but it would only come up about a third of the way.   I kept on pulling and eventually the lever popped and my corkscrew broke while it was still in the bottle.   I eventually got the corkscrew out by twisting it around, but the cork was stuck in there and was now in bad condition.  

I took one of my lesser corkscrews (which was still a good one) and started to get out the cork, but, as I suspected would occur, the cork broke in half.    I took the corkscrew out, cleaned off the top part of the broken cork stuck in the bottle (so that when I got it out, it was less likely to fall into the wine) and finished taking the cork out.   I continued to have a hell of a time getting the cork out, I guess the bottom was just too big to fit back through the neck or something.   Eventually it got out and I drank the entire bottle of wine (see: how to survive the in-laws).   The next day, I decided to contact the winery, as I never had that occur to me and I was now down one good wine opener.

Amazingly, I not only heard back from them, but they offered to send me a new bottle of wine, or if I lived in a state that didn’t allow the shipment of wine (which I do), then a check to reimburse for the bottle.   I emailed them back and thanked them for the offer, but said that I would continue to drink their wine and would rather if they could send me a new corkscrew, and I sent them a link to an example of what I had.   

I just heard back from them again, and they said they don’t have those types in stock, but are sending me a check for the cost of that wine opener, plus one of their waiters corkscrews that they do have in stock.

I was quite impressed with their customer service and their wanting to fix the situation right away.  I'm so used to hearing “sorry for your experience” and that’s the end of it.   They really go above and beyond to keep their customers happy.    With that, I encourage you to buy their wine, because they have great wine and some great customer service!

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