Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's a girl! Oh's a boy...

So we just adopted a new puppy!   But life is never simple when it comes to my life...

My mom and dad graciously helped my hubby and I out - I was in Boston visiting my roomie and hubby was working.   I never really thought to give my parents a full description of the dog we were getting and the other dogs on the transport because they new we were getting the female chocolate lab, and I figured the driver of the transport knew who all the dogs were (and could tell the difference between a female and male).  Can you tell where this is going?

My parents sent me a couple pics while I was in Boston, and looking at the pictures, it didn't really look like the dog I was looking at, but I figured they had the right dog, she just looked different from the pics they sent.  

Well guess what?

The driver of this transport made a big mix-up!   The driver couldn't tell the difference between a female chocolate lab with white on its feet and a male chocolate lab with white on its chest - so we ended up with the male.

The funnier thing - no one else noticed.   Not my parents - although they didn't really think to look, and I wouldn't have either; not my hubby who spent 24 hours with the dog before I came home and watched him pee, not even the other family.

I of course noticed as soon as I got home and met the dog.  

So our girl dog is now a boy dog.   We talked to the rescue and the other family and both dogs and family's are happy with their current situations, so there is no reason to change anything.   Eric/Kalas (his original name/his new name) gets along great with Charger and Adam and I love him already.   He might not cuddle up to Adam like Kali/Kalas would have (based on her description), but time will tell.


  1. well i guess you have a house of boys!!!!! FYI- boy puppies pee like girls until they figure out how to lift their legs!!!!

  2. Charger does always lift his leg - he just stands and pees, but he doesn't squat - and thats what Kalas is doing - although he did lift his leg once.