Sunday, October 9, 2011

My wishes for the coming year

Now that I just survived another Yom Kippur fasting, and asked G-d for forgiveness for all my sins known and unknown and prayed for a good fate to be written into the book of life for the next year, Id like to share some of my hopes/prayers/wishes for the coming year that I didn't cover in services:

- I wish that the Phillies would stop failing so early in the postseason.   At this rate, they won't even make it to the postseason next year, based on their continual slope in the postseason since winning it all in 08 (09 -lost in the WS, 10- lost in the NLCS, 11 - lost in the NLDS (and lost Howard for significant amount of time))

- I wish that my in-laws would magically become normal people and have a normal relationship with their family members.   Oh wait - that would never happen and honestly I could care less anymore

- I wish that someone will come knocking on my door and tell me I am the next Publishers Clearinghouse winner.   Wouldn't that be nice - well I guess a huge jackpot from powerball or megamillions would be more awesome, but Id actually have to enter the PCH sweepstakes or buy lottery tickets for any of those to happen.

- I wish that my brain would work and I could remember some more of the wishes  I had going through my head, but seeing as though I starved for 26 hours and then stuffed my face with food and its now midnight - I got nothing left in my head...

So goodnight all - I hope if you celebrate the Jewish holiday, you had an easy fast and that you had a good fate inscribed for you for this next year.   And if you don't celebrate - well, I hope you enjoyed all the yummy food and drinks you got to indulge in, and if you are a Phillies fan, I hope you were able to indulge in a bunch of adult beverages to soothe the sting

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