Friday, October 28, 2011

Really People??

Over the last few weeks, I have run into a handful of situations where I just want to turn to people and say REALLY?!?   None of these situations is enough to post about, but combined, it should be enough for your enjoyment!

-          On one of my recent flights, I went to the back to use the bathroom, and both bathrooms were in use, so I stood there to the side, so as not to be in the way of the people sitting in the back of the plane.    This Asian woman comes up, walks right past where Im standing, and tried to open one of the stalls.   Really?   You think Im squeezed into a tight standing spot in front of the bathroom just for the fun of it?   There obviously is someone in there dumbshit!

-          On one of my recent drives home, I was in the middle lane on Route 130 – a major, 3-lane, non-highway road in NJ, when I got over to the right lane a block and a half ahead of where I needed to turn.   There was PLENTY of space to get over – I was by no means cutting anyone off.   So the guy who was now behind me (by a good two car lengths) beeped at me for getting in front of him and threw up his hands at me.   After that, I wish I had a camera to watch the next 10 minutes of my drive being “stuck” in front of this guy.    Every little move I made, he made hand movements at me, clearly criticizing the way I was driving.    If you don’t like my driving, so be it, but you don’t need to put on a show for all to see…good thing I don’t have road rage…

-          I was driving on Street Road in Bensalem – another busy road – when someone cut me off – so this time I was on the opposite end of the drive above, except I was actually cut off.   I slammed on my breaks and beeped at the guy.   This guy also enjoyed using his hands and threw his hands up at me, so of course, being the sweet lady I am, threw my hands back up at him in a WTF kinda way.   Apparently the guy thought our hands wanted to have conversations, and I wasn’t gonna be the one to deny that pleasure for him (seeing as I don’t back down from those things), so for about 30-60 seconds we went back and forth throwing up our hands.   At one point I just started doing some crazy techno hand dance moves (I was just having fun with it – no fingers or anything)….It would have been an interesting sight for anyone driving next to us…

I know there are a bunch more stories to share, but Im exhausted and my mind isn’t functioning, so Ill just save them for another post (if I can remember them)

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