Monday, October 3, 2011

What it takes to handle my MIL

Back in early September, I wrote about how my ILs made such a big deal about us seeing them, but yet they didn't make the effort to see us    Well, we ended up inviting them over for a barbecue the very next Saturday, and amazingly, they took us up on the offer and came over.  

When I know I'm gonna see my MIL, I get very "anxious" because I know the ball will drop during the visit and they will bring up some issue they have with how we live our lives or cause some disagreement of sorts.   Additionally, its virtually impossible to have any sort of conversation with my MIL - yet she expects to have this amazing mother/daughter relationship (eventually I’ll tell that story when I have the time).

The only thing I dislike more than these scenarios is going over to their place because it’s the same scenario PLUS they make dinner which consists of one of two things:
-          Overcooked bone-in and skin-on chicken.  Many people like bone-in and skin-on, but I prefer boneless and skinless because it takes less cooking time (therefore less likely that my mother-in-law will overcook) and is much healthier.  And for me to say the chicken is  overcooked is a BIG understatement!   It sits in the oven for like 3 plus hours.
-          Barbecue chicken LOADED with barbecue sauce cooked on a charcoal grill that they don’t know how to use properly.   This means that the chicken typically gets served to you completely raw on the inside and completely charred on the outside
-          For both of these entrĂ©e’s, our sides consist of either:
o   Raw green beens loaded with olive oil – which isn’t horrible, but once in a while, but all the time is annoying.
o   Lettuce and no healthy salad dressing choices – not salad or even a spring mix, just iceberg lettuce
This means, hubby and I leave their house completely annoyed because we are starving and had a bad night – so we usually try to stop at Wawa or Subway right after – but we are already cranky.

Anyways, back to the story.  

Since they were coming over for dinner, I figured I would drink some wine to make it a bit easier to handle them.   I planned to have a glass of wine before they came over, and expected them to come a full 30 minutes earlier then the time we invited them to come (my MIL got to my sisters bridal shower FORTY-FIVE minutes earlier than it was called for, so we were all setting up).   Amazingly, they got to our house right when they said they would - which was a complete shock.  

Since I expected them earlier, I started my drinking earlier, so by the time they got there, I had finished 2 and a half glasses of wine (I was drinking Francis Ford Coppola Pinot Noir – so its really easy to just keep drinking) and very little to eat, suffice it to say I had a good buzz going.   When they got there, I was much more friendlier than usual from the get-go because I was much more relaxed.    Over the course of the next hour or so, I ended up drinking the last 2 glasses of wine left in the bottle (oops!), but I was never quite drunk – as I was starting to eat and I have a high tolerance.

In the end, the night ended up going very smoothly and conversation was fine.   Of course my MIL had very little part in the conversation, it was really my husband, FIL and I.  

So apparently the best way to handle my ILs is to knock back a bottle of wine.  

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  1. I remember you posting something about this on facebook (the night Beth & I were at the movies I think) and laughing because sometimes I think my ILs (whom I love dearly but still drive me nuts)would go a lot better at times with a glass of wine.....