Sunday, October 9, 2011

Here we go again....

The ILs are at it again, although I guess it never stops.    Hubby got a phone call 20 minutes ago while we were driving, so when we got home, he checked who it was, and guess who?   His parents.    He called them back, and they called to bitch to hubby about the fact that he doesn't keep in touch enough.  FIL said that when hubby was unemployed, they called constantly to check in on him (also known as annoying nagging to others outside of my ILs) and they would appreciate if he called them.  

Oh - did I mention, hubby called them last Thursday?

Additionally, he wants hubby to send him my future brother-in-laws email address - presumably so he can send him his resume.   My (future) BIL is in a similar business only if you consider a doctor and a pharmaceutical sales rep in a similar business because they are both in the medical field.    Mind you, I don't really understand what either does, but I understand enough to know that they are under the same general field heading, but completely different jobs.

Oh - did I mention that when hubby got laid off for a second time in our time together (which hubby got an interview at because of someone his dad knew,), FIL blamed it on hubby and told him he wasn't putting him in touch with anyone else because he was just gonna screw it up.

Their selfishness just reaches a whole new level every single time we talk to them....


  1. my MIL is already trying to tell me how to raise my kid. the kid that won't be here for another like, 5.5 months. really??

  2. Your FIL was a drug rep? Maybe we should let him talk to my dad, he is more in the right business, even though he no longer dispenses meds.

  3. Nikky - not a drug rep, I was just doing a comparison. He is Chief Information Officer, dealing more with the help desk stuff. My future BIL is a systems analyst (or something like that). I just know my BIL does what my dad does, and my dad does NOT deal with technology, whereas my FIL does.

  4. Oh my goodness - your ILs are nuts! Adam can never catch a break (and by proxy you) - Yuck!