Monday, March 12, 2012

Well hello there! Oh and Buffalo Wild Wings

I've had like 3 blog posts in my mind for the past couple weeks, but just haven't been able to sit down and write them - so hopefully after I get tonight's blog out, Ill get better about writing more consistently again.   Of course if that happens, I can pretty much guarantee it will all go downhill in about another 4 months when two little ones come into the picture.  But I'll at least try and give this a shot again because I feel good when I write :)

So anyways - now I'm back and tonight I'm writing about Adam and my interesting dinner experience.  This morning, I told Adam I would email him a recipe for a crock-pot chili to make for dinner, except with the craziness that was today, I didn't remember to email him until 5pm when I should have already left the office.   So that was off the table, but I was thinking making dinner MIGHT still be a possibility.   That was until I didn't leave the office until 5:30, heard on the radio that I was gonna be stuck sitting in "traffic" because of a bridge opening, so decided to take a detour to Buy Buy Baby and didn't get home until 7pm and in a bad mood.

I really needed to go for a nice LONG walk - like a good 8-10 miler.   But seeing as though it was 7pm, I knew I had no chance of that.   And Im still trying to teach Kalas the "fine art" of walking on a leash without pulling, which means I can't last more than a mile with all that pulling and attempting to train.  But none the less, the first thing I did when I got home was take the puppies out for a walk, because I NEEDED to relieve the stress of the day - even if Kalas's lack of training was not gonna make for a complete stress-free walk.   

By the time I sat down at home it was 7:30pm and nothing was started on dinner, and I already decided I needed to go to one of the great ice cream places in the area, Dairy Delite, since it was such a beautiful day and my day was so hellish.  In thinking of a place somewhat near, we decided to go out to Buffalo Wild Wings because we heard a bunch of great things about it.

Our experience was not  a good first impression.  The service was great, the atmosphere was fine, but the food was no better than "eh".   We had wings to start with and I decided I was in the mood for boneless wings, but the sauce we decided on was a dry rub, so our "wings" were really seasoned chicken nuggets.   And for chicken nuggets, they were still just moderate.   I had to use lots of the ranch dipping sauce - and I'm usually not much of one for ranch.   For dinner, I ordered a Buffalo Ranch Wrap and Adam ordered cheeseburger sliders.

My wrap just wasn't good, but nothing specific to talk about.   All buffalo sauce was at the bottom of the wrap.   The ranch dressing tasted more like mayo - which I hate, and the filling was just eh.   I only hate half of it before I gave up and ate all the fries for my dinner.   Adam's sliders were interesting.   Instead of making small little burgers, they created one large, long, overcooked slab of meat and then slapped it across three mini burgers rolls and called it sliders.   They didn't even bother to cut the sliders apart- they left that to Adam to do.

But what made the night the most interesting and worthy of a blog post was the older couple at the table next to us.   They weren't older, just older - I would guess 60's.   Definitely baby boomers.   The woman seemed to have a bit of OCD to her, but then at other times, it totally wasn't there.   I also thought maybe she had certain dietary restrictions, but this was over the top for that.   And for both of them, if those were the case, Buffalo Wild Wings isn't where those folks would typically go.   

I first noticed something when I looked over and saw that she had a half-filled nalgene bottle that she just put back in her gallon-sized ziploc bag and carefully closed up the bag.   I didn't think the Nalgene bottle was all that interesting, because I carry that or bottled water around with me a lot, although I don't take it out at restaurants, and I don't keep it in a ziploc bag.   Then I realized that she poured her own water....

As I was continued to watch the tv, I also kept an eye on them to watch the interesting situatin unfold.   At one point, she called the waiter over, and I'm not sure what she asked of him, but he walked away with her plate of food that was just delivered and he mumbled something like "you can't move it yourself?" as he was walking past my table.   He came back out with the plate, so I'm thinking she wanted like the tomatoes or something moved off her burger.  

When he came back, I watched her take her own napkins out of her bag and wrap them around the burger (just the meat) - seemingly to blot off all the extra fat.   I understand trying to watch your calories, but thats going a little too far - especially using your own napkins.   While she is doing that, I notice two more plastic baggies sitting on the table filled with various items that I couldn't quite figure out at that point.  

After "cleaning" her burger she puts it back on the bun, and takes out her own tin foil to wrap something up (never quite saw what she wrapped up) and put in her bag.   Next, she took out her own salt shaker from one of her baggies and salted her burger.   At that point she started to eat and our bill came, so we left - but I was really curious to stay and continue to watch them/her - because it was really weird and interesting.

I definitely understand dietary restrictions and sometimes bringing your own items.   But half the things she did had nothing to do with health, so I don't think it was a health thing.   Although everything she did could have fit into an OCD category, there is so much she didn't do that would have made more sense - such as bringing her own silverware over blotting the burger.   Or just not going out to that restaurant altogether.

Whatever the case - it made for an interesting night...

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