Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dear Douche-bag Driver...

Dear douche-bag driver,

I'm talking to the guy in the gray ford focus yesterday on 295 who did multiple things to annoy me.   Yes ,you, with the PA tags HWV 4283 (that's right, I'm totally calling you out - not that you are even reading this).

First you drove for 6-8 miles in the left lane of a 65mph highway going 70mph.   The left lane is for passing - and I'm fairly confident the only thing you passed was the grass and trees on the side of the road.   NJ especially does not like when you do things like that in the left lane, which is why they are looking to increase those fines for people like you.  When the middle lane is going the same speed or more than you - that should be the millionth sign that you shouldn't be sitting in the left lane!

Then when I finally passed you - and the 7 other people behind you and in front of me being stuck there by you - by driving in the far right lane, you were quite a distance behind me, but then sped down the exit ramp that we both exited on and cut me off at the merge off the ramp and on the road - WTF!   Pick a speed and stay there.

Finally, I got ahead of you because yet again, you chose to drive in the left lane, but this time you got stuck behind someone turning left, which gave me the opportunity to get around you.   This time, you were stuck behind me and I watched you do the following while driving.   You took your glasses off and put both hands over both your eyes to rub them as if you were tired.    We weren't slowing down or coming to a light or anything.    That is reckless driving!     After that I couldn't stop keeping my eyes on you, worried that you would slam into the back of my car because of your erratic driving behavior.  

Oh, did I forget to mention, all this occurred in a period of 10 minutes or so?

You make me question how certain people have driving licenses, don't get in accidents and/or don't get tickets.    Now with that, please get off the road or learn to drive.   If you want to drive 70 mph, that's fine with me, but don't do it in the left lane.    Don't cut people off - especially pregnant, hormonal women - and finally keep your hand(s) on the wheel and your eye(s) on the road!  

Lynda (the pregnant woman in the dark blue Chevy Traverse who gave you evil looks)

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