Sunday, March 25, 2012

Reaching a goal

At the beginning of the year, I wrote about how I don't make resolutions, but I have continuing goals that I create throughout the year.   One of my many goals that were created in the last few months of last year that I discussed was "De-clutter" my house.   You can ask anyone who has been to my house, I don't live in a clutter-filled house.   It's well kept and everything has a place - I just have a lot of "everything"'s :)   Over the past couple weeks, I have made a lot of progress in putting together piles/boxes of things to sell at my family's annual yard sale this year - many of which I am quite proud of myself for.

When I was in high school, I had a friend whose parents had tons of VHS tapes and DVDs (DVDs were just starting to come out) - probably half a wall full of.   I really liked that idea because I could just be hanging out searching for something to watch and whalah - lots of options right in front of me.   And thus started my "addiction" to buying movies.    I always bought movies at a discount price (pre-viewed 4 for $20 or 5 for $20 sales at blockbuster, columbia house, flea markets, etc).   My collection  included over 250 movies, a full bookcase full.   Unfortunately, I rarely got up and picked a movie from my collection.   

At first I decided I was going to get rid of all my movies, and then I started looking through it, and there were just some that I didn't want to part with.   Some were good classic movies such as Shawshank Redemption and ET; others were great movies for kids (for when the kiddos are older) such as Cars, Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc; some just never get old like Crash and Mean Girls; Others were good cinematic education for the kiddos when they are much older (if DVDs still work) like John Adams (tv series), 9/11 movies, An Inconvenient Truth, Pearl Harbor and Holocaust movies; and finally there are just the ones that are just enjoyable to watch now and then - the Harry Potter series, Office Space, Thank You for Smoking, Mighty Ducks series (yes I really do own all 3 movies AND find them enjoyable).  

But even with that - I made a lot of progress.   I went from having 6 shelves of a bookcase full of movies and TV shows down to 2 and a half!    Maybe in a few more years Ill be more willing to get rid of more - but at least now Ill stick to renting through RedBox or something.

I also have cleared through most of my Phillies stuff, and gotten rid of most of a bookcase full of items.    Just like the movies, I'm getting rid of about half of my stuff and calling that a lot of progress for now.  

On the list to go is 90% of my bobbleheads, little knick-knacks, some mugs, the media guides, Phillies magazines and half of the books I had.  

On the list to stay is all the phanatic stuff (for the kids bedroom), all the autographed memorabilia, the games that I kept as collectors stuff but will keep for playing with the kiddos (Phillies 2008 Champions Monopoly, Phillies 2008 Champions puzzle, Phillies Checkers), half the Phillies books and the Phillies Yearbooks.   Oh and of course staying and was never a consideration of going was my collection of baseball cards, the seats from Vet Stadium and the things that I actually use such as hats (got rid of half of them last year), shirts, blankets, etc..   So I guess I didn't quite get rid of half the stuff - probably less than a quarter of my stuff - but this is a BIG step :)

I still have a few more smaller areas to go through, but now I really just need to post the furniture Im looking to sell and have the yard sale (already scheduled for April 21st) so I can really get started into turning our den into a guest bedroom/playroom, which means going back out and spending money....but I promise to try and reach my goal of being more of a "minimalist" as well!   Its all a work in progress throughout my lifetime, not throughout a year.

Only real things left on the "goal" list that I made are get more active in judaism and pick up a new skill or two.   But for those skills - gardening will be out of the picture for a little while, Im thinking more like photography and knitting...

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