Friday, March 30, 2012

Verizon doesn't know who they are messing with!

I received an email this past week saying the cost of my DVR was going up by $1.   In all reality $1 makes no big difference to me - I understand that prices increase on items, and we just have to deal with the fact that while our salaries are staying the same or decreasing, everyone is raising their prices.   Do I think its fair?  Obviously not, but unfortunately, I have become accustomed to it.

What I take issue to is the fact that I am locked into a 2 year contract where I can not make any adjustments to my plan - but apparently they can.  

About a month after we locked into this plan, I regretted my decision.   I had already been set on going TV free, but then what I thought was a good deal came along and I stupidly signed an agreement (at least with Comcast I didn't have to sign any agreements).    Even worse, the agreement was a 2 year agreement of which I'm only a year plus into - and trust me I count the days until November when I can finally cancel with them.   

When the person sold it to us, she showed us all the tv channels we would have and the cost for Prime.   The thing is their advertising along with the way the sales person worded it was VERY deceiving.   They list all the channel on one sheet, and just have them in different colors - and she pointed to all the channels.   So stupid me was thinking the higher plans were for the extra packages (Movies, Sports, etc).   There are a ton of channels we got with Comcast, that we no longer got with Verizon - some of which I would say are more basic.    We get HGTV, but we don't get DIY Network.    We get Food Network, but we don't get Cooking Channel.    We get History Channel, but we don't get other similar channels.  

After just a couple weeks, I called to see if there was any time frame in which I could back out and if not, what the penalty was to back out.   Since this post even exists, there obviously was no opt-out time frame and the penalty was too high.   I even asked if I could just downgrade from a quad-play to a triple-play - that was a no-go.

Additionally, the WHOLE reason I even have cable tv is to watch my beloved Phillies.   I must have had games knocked out a dozen times or so last season because of poor connections on their side.   And their response?   There isn't anything we can do...its the connections they are given at the games...

So here I sit - waiting for the day I can cancel the TV service and just buy a computer to hook up to the TV and watch TV and movies from that, even if it means I just listen to my games on radio -  when along comes that e-mail that says they are increasing the price of the DVR.   And so I called Verizon to fight the increase.   Its obviously not the $1 less cost that I want - I really want out of the damn contract.  

I talked to a service rep, who I felt bad for as soon as she answered, cause I know its not her fault, and very nicely told her that I received this email, and I wanted to know how they can be making changes to my agreement, yet I can't.    She tried to tell me I could make changes, I just can't cancel services, but I can go up or down within a bundle.    Well, I'm already at the bottom of the bundle - where the hell else am I gonna go without cancelling a portion of the bundle (which is not allowed)?

So I said again, how do they have the right to change the agreement on me, but not I on them?   She tried to tell me it was a nationwide price increase.   So what?   When a nationwide price increase goes up for my cell, I'm grandfathered in to my current plan and rate until I have to re-up.   This should be the same.   That's why there is a freaking agreement - so neither of us gets screwed.

She continued to give me the same BS and try to tell me it is what it is and she can't do anything - which I know she can't.   So I said I want to speak to her supervisor.    Do you know you have to wait up to 2 business days for a supervisor to CALL YOU BACK?   WTF!!  

You can be sure that no matter what they do once they finally call me back, I'm going to be dropping their assess the minute I have the opportunity!  

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