Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesdays web round-up - Family and Parenting - Part 1

I've been saving links over the last week, and the majority of the ones that I found worthy of sharing this week are almost all related to family life and parenting - but there are so many, that Ill be splitting it into 2 posts over the next two weeks.   Hope you enjoy the links and my thoughts on each

I whole-heartedly agree with this campaign.  I obviously have my own opinions on each topic - as we all do - but I also respect everyone's decision on how they parent.   I personally choose not to give my kids juice because of all the sugar or feed them fast food.  But, I will freely admit that there are times you can't help yourself.   My kids had their first McDonalds meal on Friday when we were on the road - there just was no other place to stop - they LOVED their chicken nuggets, but also enjoyed the sliced apples that came along with it and barely touched the fries.   On the other hand - I also let my kids (reasonably) cry it out and was glad to get back to work and have adult interaction.   Whatever decision we make is the perfect decision - because it was perfect for us!   As long as you are not abusing, neglecting or abandoning your children and are a good role model to them - you are being a fabulous parent!

I didn't get emotional and tear up like others described - but this is a great video for all mom's and those who want to be mom's
I have always dreamed of having a "natural" birth - even considering the idea of going drug free - but admitting that if I were in too much pain, I would be open to asking for meds.   Then I got pregnant with twins, and I knew that I could still have a "natural" birth, but I also knew my chances of having a c-section were greatly increased.   So starting at 8 weeks - when I found out it was twins - I worked on accepting the fact that I was likely to have a c-section. My biggest fear was delivery the first vaginally and then having complications with the second and having to go for a c-section.   I could recover from one - but I didn't want to recover from both.  Since I mentally and emotionally prepared myself, I wouldn't get bothered by people saying these things to me - with that, I do not always understand the people who opt right for a c-section for no medical reason (but back to the top article - I make no judgements, just a differing of opinions). My pregnancy was a wonderful journey with very little hiccups - but both my kids were breech the entire pregnancy, so a c-section was the delivery method - then my daughter went into distress a few times too many during stress tests and I had to have an emergency c-section and never even went into labor - never felt a single contraction. So even though I had a beautiful pregnancy and two amazing children, I do mourn over the fact that I didn't go into labor, didn't have a vaginal delivery and the fact that it looks more and more likely that I won't have the amazing pleasure of being pregnant again - and possibly having a VBAC.

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