Monday, January 20, 2014

Lesson Learned...

I was looking for something to do today that would incorporate the theme of Martin Luther King Jr day.   After lots of thinking and getting ideas from others, I decided that the kids really are too young to really do anything this year - and we would just aim for next year, so I looked at the different options I did have today:

  • Barnes and Noble had Monday storytime at one of the nearby stores
  • We could schedule one of our makeup classes at My Gym
  • Go to the Bucks County Children's Museum - where we are members.

I opted for the first one thinking that they would probably read books about MLK, and I would feel like Im somehow incorporating the theme of the day.   Well that was Strike 1 to today's outing.  They didn't even once mention that today was MLK day and for that I am EXTREMELY disappointed in Barnes and Noble!

Note that I said Strike 1.   Strike 2 to today's outing was that it was PACKED, and that is an understatement!   I ended up getting there about 20 minutes early, and I was going to just walk around since I had the time - except as I walked towards the general area, I noticed that people already had all the benches filled and some people were sitting in the center of the circle, so I figured I'd better find a spot and just hope the kids can sit the extra 20 minutes.

Strike 3 was the rude clientele.   This B&N is in a nice area - nice enough that you have a decent amount of your JAPs (snobby and pretentious).  Since it was already filling in when I got there, I found an area that I could "park" the stroller where it was still right near me and wouldn't be in anyone's way and there was room for people to get by, so at first the kids stayed in the stroller, but I unbuckled them, because I figured they would eventually scream to get out.   When they got out, we sat directly in front of the sroller, while the stroller was nestled between some book sections and myself, but I left a wide enough berth next to the stroller and myself for others to get through.   I watched a handful of people walk by me and eventually the circle was full, so the next person who came up, just sat down right next to me with her two kids and blocked the opening.  I personally thought nothing of it because there was no place left to go.  A couple minutes later right before the leader came to start storytime this mom tried to come by and started complaining out loud about the stroller blocking her way - except I should remind you - it was not the stroller, as that was nestled between "bookshelves".   She starts moving it so I turn around and look at her and she asks if its my stroller, and I said yes, and she said it was in the way so she was going to move it so she could get through.   I hesitated, but eventually stated that the stroller was not in the way and its pushed to the side, but she had already started to move it at that point, so I got up so I could unlock it and properly move it back the 2 inches of space it would provide.   She then came through and sat exactly where I was sitting with my kids so I had no spot.   I stood there in total disbelief and I'm pretty certain I mumbled something because she eventually got up and went back to where she was before and continued to bitch about my stroller.

Then her snobby friend came over and decided to just move it herself, except the stroller was locked, so she was jamming my $400 stroller around, that had the diaper bag and all of our belongings sitting in it - moving it over 2 feet and back 2 feet so it actually did completely block the aisle.   I stated that it wasn't in the way until they started messing with it, and i parked it there for a reason, because I had two little ones that were sitting in it previously and would prefer that it stay there so I could see it.  She just responded with some BS about how she will keep an eye on everything and I retorted asking her if she would leave her belongings with a total stranger.  With that, I had two toddlers to care for, and couldn't do much about it, so I kept turning my head to check on my belongings - but all I could see was the legs of this woman standing behind me, who clearly didn't have a view of my belongings and had no intention to keep an eye on them - so after about 5 minutes, I rudely got up and got all my belongings off the stroller so I knew no one was going into my bag - and she continued to just stand right on top of me.   At some point early on, she decided it wasn't worth it and left.  

We left after about 30 minutes when all the stories were over but before the fun with the music and games started.   It was too packed, those women pissed me off, and the kids needed more space, so i got them into the stroller (exactly the reason I had it there) and brought them over to one of the play-tables as I chatted with a couple friendly moms I knew from gym class.  I realized that also at the play table was the snobby mom with her kid.   The kid was playing at the table and the mom was sitting on the floor a few feet away playing on her phone. Eventually the kids all started to run their own ways, so I decided to leave and wished I had made the decision to go to gym or the museum, so lesson learning for me!.

Of course I still had a wonderful day with my kids - as are all days I get to spend with them - but I learned my lesson to never go to another B&N story time on a federal holiday, and just stick to the random ones I can attend with the kids or the other activities I can do on a holiday.  

You can feel free to go on Presidents Day - but don't say I didn't warn you :)  And if you do go, try to pick a location not filled with a bunch of snobby and pretentious moms. I personally will be doing something else with the kids - maybe Ill host my own play date :)

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