Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some people will nurse anywhere, I'll (apparently) pump anywhere

Over the past month, and specifically the past week, I have become more and more comfortable pumping virtually anywhere.

Although I am not an exclusive pumper, due to my son losing too much weight in the beginning (and at that time my daughter was in the NICU and just getting the little bit I was able to pump), my babies have never been exclusively breastfed.   They were nursed and then finished off with a bottle, so when I was out and about it was too much of a production for me to get two babies attached, held and covered so I could then still give them a bottle afterwards.   The ONLY time I can think of that I nursed them in public was at one of their first pediatrician appts.

Due to this, I have been pumping constantly from Day 1 (well really 2) and felt tied to my pump (and the babies) in the beginning.   I eventually gave myself a little reprieve finding a good combination of pumping to nursing to "freedom".   And then when I went back to work, it took a little bit of time, but I eventually realized it was easiest for me to keep my weekend routine the same as my weekday routine and only nurse the babies in the morning and at night and give them pumped milk or formula for the rest of the feedings.  

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Because of this and the busy life I like (and choose) to lead, I have learned to pump outside of the home (and work).   First it started with me pumping in the backseat of the minivan where there was a power outlet.  Our windows are tinted back there and I would put on a nursing cover to cover everything up.   Usually I just did it when we were on the go and hubby was driving.   Eventually I started to get out a little more and would park the car and pump in the backseat.   I did this at a friends bridal shower and that very same friends wedding.   I did it on a trip up to NY and in and around NY for another friends wedding.   And I did it NUMEROUS times just while being out and about.

All this time, I always remembered a friend who told me she pumped while driving and I thought she was crazy.   I could just imagine how much it got in the way and would be hard to turn the wheel and all. Then I recently read an article about a woman with a large oversupply who had to pump every couple hours and would pump anywhere - including while driving!   I still thought it was crazy!

But this past weekend I had someplace to be, and it ended up taking me out pretty much the entire day, and the only chance for me to pump was when I was going from location B to location C - so I figured, let me get set up before starting the drive and if it feels like it will get in my way, Ill just take it off.  Holy Moly - it was awesome!   Well, as awesome as pumping can be :)

I swear my pump has been in my way more when trying to fold clothes while pumping than it has been while driving.   So that day I ended up pumping twice while driving!  

But at least my car is pretty clean.   Earlier that week I had a business trip to NYC and I checked out of the hotel in the morning because I had a video shoot in a studio and then was gonna go home from there.  I figured I might have some time to find a decent place to try and pump, but things ran late, and I had no other choice but to pump in a bathroom at NY Penn Station.

So as some might nurse their babies in stores and restaurants, I pump in museums, bathrooms and the car.    If you are a nursing mom, what is the oddest (or most unique) place you have pumped?  Check out this mom who pumped while mowing the lawn!

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