Monday, February 18, 2013

Crazy Ass Dream

I woke up in the middle of the night last night from a CRAZY dream.    98.5% of the time I don't remember having dreams, 1% of the time I remember the basic idea of the dream, but I don't remember it, but then .5% of the time I remember the dream in detail - and about 18 hours later Im still remembering this dream, so I figured I'd blog about it - and I swear its CRAZY!   So hear goes:

I was in a library or bookstore or something of the sort checking out when I notice two people walk in with machine guns in their long black coats, so I snuck out of there before anything really happened (I was right by the door).   But apparently this bookstore or library was in a hotel I was staying at where I was part of a small meeting in a board room, so I immediately head to the boardroom to warn the people there - and two of the people in the boardroom are my best friend Nikky and her husband - and then there was an older gentleman who was running the meeting and a security person.   I remember thinking I wonder if I should tell everyone, because maybe they are involved, but I still shared, and the security person said they would radio it in, but the gentleman said not to worry about it, he would check it out.   So he left, came back a little while later to say everything was fine, but we were gonna stop for the day, and then he left.    I think others were also skeptical of him and we didn't really know what do, so Nikky and Jared decided they were gonna check it out, so I went with them, and we got close enough to start hearing gunfire so we ran, and I ran into a room, but then I saw them run past to the staircase, so I decided to follow and we ran down the stairs...

And then I don't remember much more.   I remember bits and pieces - like getting to a certain floor and knowing we were safe and looking outside and realizing I was in the staircase of my high school with the honeycomb windows and a nice spring day outside.   That was the last I remember of Nikky and Jared in the dream, but then I remember going back up to my hotel room (because remember the library/bookstore, boardroom in a hotel, staircase/high school and my hotel room are all the same building?!?!) and I saw the gentleman from the boardroom with a gun - and he was definitely a bad guy - and I made eye contact with him, but just as I ran into my hotel room to get cover.

And then I woke up...

So yeah - when I remember my dreams, they are pretty f'd up!   Wonder what a dream interpreter would say this crazy saga means.  

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