Saturday, January 19, 2013

Things I've learned in the last 6 months

Wow - time really flies by! Can you believe the twins are 6 months old?!?!?

In those 6 months, I have a learned a lot about myself, hubby, parenting, life and of course the babies - and most of what I learned can't be expressed into words or its already forgotten as we've moved on to the next stage.   But there is still a lot that I have learned that I want to share.  

- Write things down as soon as possible!   Especially if you want to look back on them in 20 years, because in 20 days (or maybe even 20 minutes), you will forget it.  (Moment Garden is a great tool to do this quickly - you can do it from your phone or your computer and share with whoever you want - or no one at all)
- No matter how much you hate lunges and/or them before the baby/babies come, because once you have a baby (or maybe it's just when you have two?) you will be doing them all the time when picking up the babies.   So why not get an advance start on it!
- Breastfeeding can be a beautiful journey, but it most likely will not be easy or painless - especially in the beginning.
- If you are dead-set on breastfeeding, just try and prepare yourself for difficulties such as latching issues, low supply, etc.   You might have to supplement, and it really is okay.    It is better for you to be there emotionally and physically for your child(ren) than it is for you to put all your energies into nursing/pumping and them not have YOU there.
- Along similar lines, if you are dead-set on delivering naturally/vaginally, try to mentally prepare yourself for a c-section.    Once I found out it was twins, I started to prepare myself for a c-section and Im glad I did, because in the end there was absolutely no way they were going to let me go naturally (2 breech babies plus a baby in distress before I even had a contraction).  
- It really does get easier :)   Every baby is different, for some it might be easy in the beginning and then start to get more difficult, others might be difficult from the start.   Some babies might get easier at 2 months, others at 6 months, so there is no set timeline, but it will eventually come.
- They will eventually sleep more/longer at night.   For some babies it comes naturally (my son) and others you have to work on sleep training (my daughter) - and that doesn't specifically mean cry it out.
- If your baby is small in utero - specifically IUGR, eating more (protein, fat, or just food) won't do anything except add more fat to your body and give you more of an obstacle after delivery.   Some babies just won't grow any bigger inside of you.
- Every delivery, c-section and recovery is completely different! I was prepared for a lot of pain and difficult recovery and I was very lucky in that I just took Motrin for 3 days because of cramping and was up and moving as soon as I was allowed.  The motivation to go see my daughter in the NICU might have had a little to do with that as well.
- Remember all babies are different and advance on different schedules, so try not to compare to their siblings or other babies of family/friends.
- Aquaphor is a baby, miracle "drug". That shit works on everything!!!
- Stand your ground if you feel strongly enough about something!   This goes for a lot of things in life, but especially in parenting.
- Don't worry about your house and cleaning, it will all work out (I still haven't really accepted this, but that probably has something to do with my OCD)
- Babies cost a lot of money!   Obviously we all know this - but no matter how much you budget, money will just be leaving your accounts left and right and you won't know where it all went.
- Try to put the electronics down for a bit and just enjoy this time with your little one!   Its especially hard when your cell phone is your camera, but just let it go.
- Give yourself time to get back to your pre-pregnancy self.   It took 9 months to create the baby(ies), give yourself the same amount of time to get your body back.    And remember, you might get back to your pre-pregnancy weight, but your body will have changed, so it may require some additional toning.
- Don't push yourself too hard.   You need to be there 100% for your child(ren)
- The newest trick I found to cutting finger nails is to do it in the bathtub.   They are too busy to worry about it, and the water makes it easier.    I also found that I could get away with it while they were nursing.

But most importantly, just remember to enjoy every moment with your child(ren) - they are all precious!  

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