Friday, January 11, 2013

A year ago (yesterday)

I meant to write this post yesterday, and then the day got away from me, so a day late - but not a buck short :)

One year and one week ago hubby and I went to my OB for my very first pregnancy appt - getting everything done to confirm that I really was pregnant.   At that point the only people that knew we were pregnant were my parents - well technically my younger sister and her husband knew because when I told my parents via a hanukkah card that said "your present will be arriving in approximately 7 months" outside of the movie theater where we had all just seen our Christmas movie, my mom screamed at the top of her lungs, and they heard it across the parking lot - but we never spoke of it :)

Anyways...between the time we told my parents we were expecting A baby and the time of this appointment, I spilled the beans to my mom and hubby that I had a dream that we were having twins - and that I was probably being paranoid, but I just had this weird feeling and although I had NO symptoms of a pregnancy, let alone a twin pregnancy, I figured it all out and now I felt okay sharing the dream with them.   So we went to the doc, and I didn't quite tell him my feelings, but when he confirmed that I was "definitely 8 weeks along", I asked "and there is just 1? right?".   He said, he wouldn't know until I went for an ultrasound to fully confirm the pregnancy and that everything is alright.    And I had to have that ultrasound within the next 2 weeks.

Well, that was a Friday, and I was leaving "bright" and EARLY Wednesday morning for a 10-day business trip to Hawaii (where for the first time I couldn't indulge in all the alcohol and yummy, fresh fish that Hawaii provides).   So I called the ultrasound place right after and told them I had to have the appt on Monday or Tuesday because I was going to be out of town for the following 2 weeks, so they squeezed me in on Tuesday afternoon.  

On Sunday, we announced to my sisters that I was pregnant, and during the conversation the topic came up again that I had a dream there was two, but at this point, I let everyone convince me I was crazy, and was probably just being OCD and "paranoid".

On that Monday, I told my boss and the coworkers that were going with me to Hawaii that I was pregnant - because if I didn't tell them, it would be pretty obvious when I didn't drink for 2 weeks in their presence.

And then Tuesday came, and I left work early to go get the ultrasound.   Hubby left work for a few hours to be there so we could see the first picture of our baby together.    And I remember the afternoon perfectly!

I was told to drink 8 ounces of water, and stop drinking an hour before the ultrasound.   Well I drink a lot of water normally, and therefore pee pretty often, so I was so paranoid that I wasn't gonna have the appropriate amount of water needed, and I ended up drinking more than I needed.   And the ultrasound tech  made a comment about it, and said that there was too much water to do what she needed to do, so I needed to go empty my bladder, BUT there are TWO babies!  

WOWZERS!   Although it was completely unexpected, it wasn't a total surprise, and we both just stared at each other with BIG, HUGE grins across our face!   We ended up having to stay to do a few extra things, and just couldn't stop smiling - it was such an awesome day!

My mom was working nearby that day, so I told her beforehand I would stop by her office to drop off a pic of the ultrasound - my mind was just running circles, how do I tell her?   I got there, and folded up all the pics we got and asked her if she wanted a picture of Baby A and showed her that picture (no reaction), Baby B and showed her that picture (no reaction) or both of them and showed her that picture?   She looked at it, thought about what I said and then IT CLICKED.   I'm pretty sure the ONLY thing that came out of her mouth for the next 5-10 minutes was "Oh My G-D!"

I left there and called my sisters to tell them never to doubt a pregnant woman's intuition, or at least mine and they knew exactly what I was telling them.    Then I needed to tell someone else, so I called my boss (because she knew I was pregnant) and she was dumbfounded and couldn't believe it.

And then I realized I had just a few hours to really comprehend this, because I was going to be catching an 11-hour flight the next morning and would be gone for pretty much 2 weeks.   So I ran off to the library to renew my library card and get books out, but their system was down and they couldn't renew my card - so I went to my parents, got my mom's card, took the books out and then went home and covered them old-school-style in brown paper bags so no one knew what I was reading (cause the brown paper bag cover wasn't suspicious or anything - LOL)

And before I knew it, the day was ending, I had to finish packing, I went to Hawaii, came back, had lots of doctors appts, had the babies, and here I am 1 year and 1 day after I found out I was having twins with two amazing little babies taking up every second of my life (and every dime of my paycheck).

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