Friday, December 21, 2012

Starting off with a bang - #26ActsOfKindness

On facebook, I've talked a bit about how I want to do #26ActsOfKindness, but I was "concerned" that I wouldn't follow through til the end if I didn't have some support.   Another concern of mine was cost.   By all means, you do not need to spend money to complete a random act of kindness, but everything that was coming to my mind was regarding money. 

Well, I'm only 1 act in, which did cost me some money, but once I thought of it, I was SUPER excited, and I'm even more excited now that its ongoing.   

My company has pretzel Friday's - they bring in pretzels, but you have to pay 35 cents for your pretzel.   People still love it and have their 35 cents ready every Friday morning, waiting for the email.    I decided that I was gonna pay for the pretzels so today would be FREE Pretzel Friday and all it cost me was $30 and I was able to reach over 100 people - most of which did not know about the campaign.

I went to get my pretzel and the happiness and excitement on the people's faces was such a nice feeling!

I'm planning some of my others now, and hope to spread some more holiday cheer and kindness and just hope that my recipients pay it forward! 

Oh and my concern about following it through isn't a concern at all.   I've gotten so excited to plan these acts, spread joy and keep the campaign going that I have no doubts that I will finish my 26 Acts, and maybe even more.

If you have or are participating in the campaign - please comment below with some of the acts you have done/plan to do to help share the ideas with everyone!

Oh - and here is a good sample of ideas, as well as the template Im using when I do my acts to let people know what's going on!

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