Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Thankful Month - Day 6

I'm thankful for my best friend Nikky, whom I met at American University through our jobs at the front desk of Anderson/Centennial.   We lived together for 3+ semesters when she saved me from the roommate from hell (maybe one day Ill blog about that crazy chic if I can even remember any of the craziness!).   Although we don't get to see each other often, we always have a great time catching up and hanging out when we spend time together!   And now that I have an iphone we can facetime - which I just did for the first time tonight with her (and AJ)!!!

Although we live in different cities, I feel especially lucky that my kids are so close in age (6 months difference) and they will get to grow up together.  And of course Sara will be marrying AJ so that we can be related :)

Thanks for always being there and being such a great friend Nikky!!

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