Thursday, December 27, 2012

A thankful month - Day 26

Im thankful that I don't have to go to Hawaii this year (well really next year).    For anyone who reads this and doesn't know me that well or what I do.   Im a program manager/meeting planner, and I travel a modest amount of time on business.    Every year my company heads up a meeting in Hawaii that takes us there for about 10 days.    In theory, it sounds really cool.    That is unless you work in my field and know that all business trips entail LONG days, LOTS of work and no time to explore.

A typical day in Hawaii consists of waking up at 3/3:30am local time (approximately 8/8:30am ET) and many times you are staying at the property "next door" - aka 1 mile away - and you have to walk over in the pitch dark at 4/4:30am - well before the sun is rising.    The meetings officially start at 6:30am, and you are on cruise control from about 5am-2pm.    If you are lucky and don't have a lunch program, the meeting ends at 1pm.    But that just means the meeting portion is over, you usually don't get out of there until about an hour later than that.     Sometimes you get a few hours to sit on the beach (as the sun goes down) or take a much needed nap.   And then it might be an evening program/reception, although those have been going by the wayside due to finances or just dinner with your co-workers - and then its groundhogs day each day thereafter.

You do get the last afternoon free if you can run out of there before anyone needs something from you, but even then, you don't typically get much to do because its 2pm and you have to catch the 10pm red eye, and the airport is always backed up there, so you need to arrive no later than 8pm, so no time to travel.

So - yes, I have been to Hawaii 5 times over 4 different islands and 5 different cities, and I can usually give you some good tips on things to do and places to eat - but other than eating, drinking and working (well last year it was just eating and working), there really isn't much else I get to do.

So for the 26th day of my thankful month - Although I have taken some awesome pictures there, I am thankful that I get to stay back and hold down the fort in the office and go home at night to my husband and children.

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