Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A thankful month - Day 24

I am thankful for nice, fluffy, light-falling snow.   We did not get much the other night, but we got just enough to call it the first snow for Sara and Nathaniel (unfortunately no pictures as it was cold and dark, and gone by the morning), but most of all - I LOVE how much of a puppy Charger becomes in the snow.

Yes, the same dog who is deathly afraid of rain, loves the precipitation when it comes to the white fluffy stuff.    He runs out like a big ball of puppy making big laps around the yard and then runs around eating as much of the snow as he can.   And when it is time to come in, he stands there (like seen to the right) with a "why?!?!" look on his face and tries to stand his ground.  

I am more of a spring person, I don't like the extreme temperatures or weather, but the snow is totally worth it to see my "puppy" become a puppy again!   I'm super glad this was just a covering that melted by morning, but it is even more exciting to watch him when we have significant snowfall!

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