Friday, December 21, 2012

A thankful month - Day 20

I'm thankful for the decent healthcare I have.   America has a LONG way to go to make healthcare better and more affordable, but the technology and advancements have come such a long way.   40 years ago, I never would have known I was having twins before they came, and I probably would not have had such a successful ending if not for all the "interventions" that go on with a high risk pregnancy.    3-5 doctors appt's a week for the last month or so was a lot, but it is because of all those appts that both babies were born alive.   And it is that same great technology that gave Sara all the necessary medical attention needed for her to be a bustling, chunky little 5 month old. 

Now I'm just hopeful that same healthcare system, with these advancements and technology can provide the same positive output for my best friends dad!   You can go here to read a little more of that story and donate to help support LLS.

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