Sunday, December 16, 2012

A thankful month - Day 16

Today, I am thnakful for my sister-in-law and my "aunt" .   I put Aunt in quotations because Adam's uncle is much younger than his dad, and his wife is younger than him, so the age gap isn't that much that Aunt just doesn't flow :)  Anyways, Im not sure how I would EVER survive my crazy ILs without them!

My SIL truly helps keep me sane when we are over there together, and they both are great in listening to whats going on both with the ILs or just family "relations" in general.   Im not sure I could survive the family without them!   And best of all - we all get along so well and I am proud to not just call them family, but good friends!

Can't wait for another ladies night with them!!

1 comment:

  1. You are so sweet Lynda! I love you! You have been such an amazing gift to our family and we are lucky that Adam found you!

    Looking forward to that ladies night out!