Friday, December 14, 2012

A thankful month - Day 14

After the awful news of today, I am so thankful to be able to hold my kids in my arms and hug them tightly.   I am thankful that they are so young, I don't have to worry (yet) about explaining to them the awfulness of what occurred in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. 

With all this thankfulness, I have to say there are some things that I am not thankful for, which the news of today has brought out even more of. 
  • I am not thankful for the right to bear arms.  That constitutional right was put in place when we we had the English barging into peoples homes and raping and killing them, and our forefathers needed to fight them off.   There are plenty of other developed nations with gun control laws and see 1% of the violence we see.   It is way past time to put some laws into effect!!
  • I am not thankful for the "adequate" health care that most people have.   Although there is still plenty more to be learned about the murderer, it is apparent he had mental health issues.    We need to be more accepting of the mentally ill and get them the help they so need and not make them feel worse for their illness.
  • I am not thankful for what this world/nation has become.   My biggest fear about having children is that this world is changing so much, and not necesarilly for the better - and it scares me for my kids future. 
But I digress, this is a post of thankfulness - and I am so thankful to have my babies sleeping in our home tonight - healthy and (presumably) happy.

My heart breaks for the 26 families that are missing their loved ones, especially the 20 families that had such young kids taken from them before their children even had a chance to live.

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