Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A thankful month - Day 12

I missed my post yesterday, but I will actually end up adding that on to tomorrow's post.   Tonight, on 12-12-12, many of us are watching a great concert on tv.   But, as we are reminded of throughout the entire concert, this many great musicians and presenters all came together to raise money for all those affected by Superstorm Sandy and to help celebrate love and life.

So on this day, I am thankful to have all my friends and family survive the storm with only "minor" damage.   I put minor in quotations because I do have a friend who had some pretty major damage, as her house is currently uninhabitable and they also lost a car, and another friend whose rental is uninhabitable - and both friends had to move (temporarilly) in with their parents.  But putting that into perspective where others lost their lives, or don't have family or friends around to support them, or even worse had no insurance in place to cover even a portion of the damage, its "minor".

Im thankful that most of us "only" lost power - even if it was for up to a weeks time without power, heat, hot water, etc.

I'm thankful that no one I know directly lost their lives.    Overall, Im thankful for life! 

So if you can spare, please try and donate to the Robin Hood Relief Fund to help those affected by this storm.  Or if you want a more personal connection for your donation, and not get a tax deduction - message me :)

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