Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I haven't deleted a facebook friend...until now...

I don’t let politics get in the way of friendships – well real ones that is!   I came to the point this morning where I let it “get in the way” of a facebook friendship, and it doesn’t bother me one bit, I just have to vent.

I have many friends and family who I disagree with politically, and I respect that they have their own opinion – that’s one of the great things about the democracy we have in this great nation.   I don’t necesarilly understand their stance, so I chose to respectfully disagree – typically by not getting into the conversation.

Yesterday, I posted a letter/article that I had seen online and thought was well worth the read.    You can find that article here (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/max-von-essen/trickle-down_b_2018106.html).    I have A LOT family, friends and facebook friends that are in a same-sex relationship – and it is my belief that they should not be treated any differently then those in a relationship with the opposite sex.   They should have the ability to marry their partner, get benefits with their partner, visit their partner in a hospital, walk down the street holding hands with their partner without being harassed, and all the other many things I get to do with my husband that I take for granted.

But that is not the only reason that I affiliate with the Democratic party and casted my ballot for Obama today.    Yes – I voted him (and others) because of his stance on this social issue and others such as womens rights, but I also voted for him because of my view on the economy, jobs, healthcare, the social welfare system and war.    I don’t necesarilly agree with him (or anyone for that matter) 100%, but I agree enough to have faith in him.  

So yes – I take offense when you try to tell me that me and my generation (in which you are a part of seeing as though you are only a few years older than I) shouldn’t base our votes on social issues.

It is our right as Americans to base our votes on whatever we chose and to express those views however we chose.   Just as much as it is your right to share your opinion with me, even if I do disagree.   Normally I wouldn’t let this get in the way of even a facebook friendship – I see political posts constantly, and I just scroll past them.   But, I take offense when over the past week, you have shown so much concern for your shore house because your husband spent the summer before doing renovations.    I'm sorry that you had damage to that house – but plenty of others have lost their one and only house or even lost their lives!    How about you stop fretting so much over a vacation home and instead focus on those who need our help!

What bothers me most, is that you vote and feel the way you do because of the family money you were born/married into.   You aren’t voting to protect what you have earned – you are just trying to protect what you were given.   I have a whole lot more respect for those that politically disagree with me, but are hard working americans who are trying to protect their “pot of gold” and their family.

That’s just my two cents!

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