Saturday, December 31, 2011

What A Year!

2011 brought many ups and downs, but mostly ups!     Below are the best of for each month:
  • January - I didn't have to go on the yearly 11 day business trip to Hawaii this year!  (yes that really is a positive for me)
  • February - took my second (business) trip to San Diego, but this one for a week and fell in love with the town.
  • March and April - can't remember anything from these months...probably too busy with work :(
  • May:
    • Adam got a job back in the industry his background is in and he prefers to be in - automotive!   
    • We got in touch with family we didn't know/hadn't talked to in a long time on both sides (mine and Adam's).   In May it was Adam's side - I think it was a little later in the year that we got in touch with family from my side.
  • June:
    • We joined facebook - although I'm still not sure if that's a positive or negative, because now I'm addicted...
    • Adam and I celebrated our first year of marriage and went to our new favorite shore town to celebrate - Cape May!  
  • July: I started this blog, giving myself the ability to share my personal journeys and random thoughts with my friends, family and whoever else may end up reading this.
  • August: We had our first "real" east coast earthquake of my lifetime - which I feel jipped because I didn't feel it - and then Hurricane Irene landed in the area a few days later- which really was not as bad as was predicted.
  • September: Got back into my walking and walked the Rochester Half Marathon - now Ive got the itch back and am thinking of doing the Goofy Challenge at the Disney Marathon in 2013 and maybe another 3-day soon.
  • October: We adopted our second dog - this time a young puppy who we name Kalas - for you non-Philly folk, his name is in honor of Harry Kalas, a HOF Phillies announcer who passed away in 09..
  • November: My younger sister got married, the last of the weddings my parents put on.
  • December:  Still a few hours left - so the best might still be to come :)
I know that this was a tough year for many people, and it also had some negatives for us - mostly dealing with my ILs - but all in all, it was a great year for us - so I'm wishing that 2012 brings my friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, strangers and of course Adam and I the happiness and health that 2011 brought us..

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  1. Love the blog, it really kept me entertained in 2011! Happy New Years!!!!