Monday, December 19, 2011

What a great start to the week...

After going to bed at 9:30pm last night, I woke up today after hitting snooze for 1 hour 40 minutes (although I don't remember hearing the alarm or hitting snooze for the first hour).   You'd think 8 hours of sleep would be more than enough when I normally get 6 hours, but apparently my body really wanted to get to 9+ hours of sleep.

After getting a really late start to my morning I go downstairs to see LOADS of frost on the ground, which means I can't just run out the door - although that ended up being a good thing, because I forgot how much of a mess I left the kitchen after giving up on coating my first round of truffles.

After finally getting on the road, traffic wasn't so bad to get to 295, and then as soon as I got to 295 I found out that Hubby's place of employment wanted to kill my car and myself.   I had my car in the shop on saturday because the battery light was going on.   The good news is that my battery was just really dirty and needed to be cleaned.   The bad news is that they never fully shut my hood, and it wasn't noticeable until I got on the highway and all the sudden my hood was shaking and looked like it wasn't very far away from flying off and causing an accident.   Luckily, I noticed it quick enough and was able to get over to the shoulder and slam it closed - but WOAH!  

Once I got on the road, traffic came to a screeching halt - there was a one-car accident up ahead.   Stupid people don't know how to drive.   When I finally passed that, the guy in front of me refused to go above 60 in the left lane - and the speed limit is 65 AND he was in the freaking left lane.  

After finally getting around him, the rest was smooth sailing - and amazingly, work has been the same as well - FINGERS CROSSED.

Looking forward to a short work week and a long weekend.    And eventually finishing all of my holiday baking tonight (hopefully, but possibly tomorrow night).

Hope you all had a better start to the day than me :)

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