Thursday, December 8, 2011

My random Phillies interaction

For the few of you who read my blog, but don't actually know me - I am a DIEHARD Phillies Phan.   To the extent where I don't use the term "fan", but instead "phan".   To the extent that in 2000, the Phillies selected their Phans of the Century - selecting one person for each decade, based upon the year you were born, and honored them on field before the start of the home opener - and yours truly was selected as the Phan of the 80's Decade.  To the extent that I had a Sunday ticket plan for 3 years that I lived in DC/VA.   To the extent that I now have a full season ticket plan.   I think you get the point :)

Now that I gave that brief intro, I was at the Sheraton Society Hill in Philadelphia last Saturday running a meeting and towards the end of the meeting, I was walking one of my faculty out to his car that we arranged to take him to the train station when I saw this tall, African-american guy wearing a fedora-like hat and he looked awfully familiar - specifically, he looked like the Sarge - Gary Matthews, so I kept looking at him as I walked the doctor out.   But since I was working I had to put it behind me and do my job, so as I walked back inside, I was looking for the Sarge, but couldn't find him, so I asked the valet staff if that was Gary Matthews, and the guy had no clue what I was talking about.

So I walked inside somewhat disappointed that I didn't get to meet him and say hi. And then, as I walk in the door there he is walking down the hall.   So I take another couple looks and I finally get the courage and say "Gary?" like I know him on a first name basis and we haven't seen each other in a while - LOL.   Low and behold though - it was Gary Matthews.   And he was SOOO super friendly.   As soon as I said Gary, he walks right up to me, shakes my hand and says hi and starts talking to me, clearly knowing Im just a Phillies phan, not someone who he might recognize.   So as Im shaking his hand I notice he has the 08 World Series ring on and I ask if I can take a picture of it, and he starts taking it off and says he can do one better, I can put it on (!!!!!!).  Thats when I start to get super excited and maybe a little nervous and very jittery.  So he puts it on my hand (and jokes that Hubby won't be happy cause I'm covering up my bands) and as I start to try and take a pic he says "don't you want the other one".   I didn't even notice it - but of course I will!   The other one was the 09 NL Champions ring, so not a WS ring - but still AWESOME!.   So through the shaking and excitement, I took this picture.  

I also tried to get a picture with him, but I was shaking sooo much - he even started to tease me.   I did get a half decent picture, and then another one of my docs who was in the lobby graciously took a picture of us.

So after a crazy busy day that started at 3:30am and a meeting that had every curveball thrown at it that could happen - my day ended on an awesome note :)

P.S. Prior to this meeting, I was never a huge fan of the Sarge because I thought he was a poor announcer, but he was SOOO friendly and generous, I will now be a huge fan of him, and just have to ignore my issues with his announcing - LOL.

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