Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bad week on WW

So this has been a really bad week for me on weight watchers.    I didn't have a weigh in last week because I go on Thursday nights - and well Thursday night was Thanksgiving, so I have to go tonight, but Im so not looking forward to it.

I was actually really good the week before Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving - to the tune of a 1.5lb weight loss on Friday morning (according to my scale, which I get on daily).  

Then came Black Friday.   I was pretty good in the morning - after shopping at Rice's Flea Market with my sister and parents, my parents took us out to breakfast.   I ordered an omelet that was full of veggies, and I had it made with eggbeaters.   When I asked for fruit to replace the potatoes, I was told they couldn't do it, but I left some of the potatoes on the plate.  That is a big success for me.   Then I came home, and I started snacking on leftovers, and then I started snacking on leftover desserts and before I knew it I had eaten a handful of cookies, 2-3 brownies, some candy corn bark - and I was barely in the afternoon.   I figured, no problem, I did really good on Thanksgiving, so one day isn't so bad.

Then came Saturday - I started the day off good, counting my points with a 4 point oatmeal and then a 5 point nut bar before heading out for a walk, and then I went for a 4+ mile walk with the dogs.   Success!   Then I came home and guess what I did.   Dug into the leftovers - dinner and dessert again - and again heavy on the dessert.  FAIL!

Then came Sunday - I started off the day not so bad.   I had a banana and a couple pieces of cornbread that I didn't know the points for, but I figured it couldn't be too bad.  Then we ran to go visit hubby's mom-mom and stopped home for lunch before heading out to our cousins soccer game.   Guess what I had for lunch - thanksgiving leftovers, 2 rounds of it!   I stayed away from the dessert for the most part, but then Hubby brought a bag of cookies with him and I ended up eating two and a half of his cookies.   Not too bad.   Then we came home and I ate a bunch of caramels as I made the Caramel Apple Cider cookies, and then i ate a couple cookies.   Then I went to my parents for Sunday dinner and indulged in dinner and desserts - FAIL!

Monday came, and I decided to be good, I packed a healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks.   I went back to journaling my food/points.   I had 15 points left when I got home - SUCCESS!   But I worked until 7:30pm, so when I got home, I was in a crap mood and went right for a cookie.   I made a decent dinner, but then indulged in the cookies again.  FAIL!

Tuesday came - and again, I packed a healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks.   I didn't journal, but I did good.   Then someone pissed me off at 6pm, so i grabbed a bag of chips (you know the big bag that serves like 6...) and before I knew it, the bag was gone.   I was at work til 8pm, so i figured Id just be good when I got home - and I was.   Until I got hungry and started snacking on more chips.  I ate a lot and then I had another cookie before bed.   FAIL!

Wednesday came - and after two long days at work, I knew it was going to be another long day - especially since I was in an all day meeting where we got to order a yummy, unhealthy lunch.   The soup of the day from the place we ordered from was Shrimp and Crab Bisque - MMMM.   So I ordered that, as well as a quesadilla because I knew the soup wouldn't be enough.   I could see the layer of oil in the soup - yet I still ate the entire thing.   I also ate the entire quesadilla.   Got home and ate some candy corn and some leftover spinach gratin.   Lunch = FAIL!

And here we are...Thursday...forced myself into a good day, but that won't make up for such a bad week when I saw the addition of 1/2 pound each morning I got on the scale.   Weigh in is gonna be a total FAIL.   But I must go - because I need the weigh in and the meeting to try and push my butt back into gear.

I really need to a) get rid of the leftovers b) get out and exercise (notice there wasn't any exercise, with the exception of Saturday) and c) get back to journaling.   Must lose the weight that I put back on this week and continue to work towards my ultimate goal of 20 lbs - which will put me at the lowest weight of my adult/young adult life.

Any advise from fellow dieters out there?

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  1. I'm not a dieter, because I never was able to find long term success counting calories, points, grams, etc. I actually do best when I eat whole grains, fresh fruits & veg, and vegetarian proteins (beans, etc.). Dairy is a portion control disaster for me because I can't stop eating it once I start, so I just don't eat cheese anymore (and you also know I've been reading a lot about food ethics, but I won't go into that here). Fruit and/or veg with every meal, no processed foods (which seems like a killer when you're busy like we are, but it's not so bad) and no refined grains (white bread, white rice, etc.). Oh, and yoga. :)