Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Where do you live?

So I randomly checked the stats for my small, little blog to get a general idea of who is reading this.    I don't expect to have some large following - heck, I don't post anything that interesting (...yet...) to go beyond my family and friends (hopefully in the future, Ill get this down and be able to expand).  I digress...the reason I bring this up is because the stats always make me question who is reading my blog.

I always expect it to be like 10 people - mostly from DC/VA/MD/NJ/PA and then when I checked the stats the other day, I was reminded that (DUH!) one of my friends lives in the UK.   But it goes beyond that.   Here is a breakdown of my audience by pageviews:

United States - 95%
United Kingdom - 2%
Russia - 1.8%
Germany - 0.5%
Italy - .02%
Canada - .01%
Greece - .01%
South Africa - .01%

To be honest, I can account for US (DUH!), UK and Greece - and Canada could be easy enough as its just over the border.    But who of you lives or has traveled to (and checked my blog from your travels) in these other locals?   Cause I'm honestly confused....

Then again, it could be blogspot being wierd because they also listed these as referring sites:

They really don't have anything there that would refer someone to my site...

P.S. As far as US stats - when I changed the name of my blog (and therefore web link) I forgot to update it in my google analytics, so Im stuck with the stats the blogspot gives me, which doesn't breakdown by states...

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