Monday, November 7, 2011

What to do with Leftover Halloween Candy

Last year, Hubby and I prepared for lots of trick-or-treaters.   We live in a great trick-or-treating neighborhood with a decent amount of kids, and a neighborhood across the street that isn't good for trick-or-treaters.   Originally, I bought one giant sized bag of candy from BJs, and then a couple days beforehand with coupons and sales in hand, I feared that I wouldn't have nearly enough candy - and you don't want to be the house without candy.

I'd estimate we had about 10 kids who came by - and that included the older kids who didn't think Id notice when they came by a second time on their way out of the neighborhood.    I was stumped!   That was until I took the dogs for a walk and noticed that one short block down Halloween was a-happening.   They way my neighborhood is set up is that it is a big loop with lots of little loops inside.  We live on the big loop and are the entrance (or exit depending on your direction) to the neighborhood.    No one wants to walk down the extra block for more candy when you can just go around the loop - and with that, no one on my block does Halloween because no one comes down - so we were the only ones with candy, and we were at the very end...

Well the last thing I wanted to do was eat all the candy, and I knew all about dentist offices paying you for the candy, but I didn't know of any - and then I found out about Operation Gratitude and their Halloween Candy Program.   This is a great way to show our service members that we care - and since its the fall/winter, they accept all candy, even Chocolate, because its not so likely to melt like it would in the summer.

But to each his own - and maybe you really do want to eat all that candy, and if that's the case, I saw this delicious looking bark recipe that I can't wait to make.   Of course this year, I have no leftover candy and I don't have kids, so nobody to bring candy into the house, so I have to go out to buy all the ingredients...unless of course you all have some of these Halloween leftovers that you want to share with me before sending it off to Operation Gratitude :)

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween this year and that no one was super interrupted by the freak snowstorm we got on the northeastern coast.

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