Friday, November 4, 2011

Weight Watchers turned me away

So yesterday I briefly mentioned how I got turned away by weight watchers.   To be fair, that phrase sounds worse than the actual situation - but it was just really funny.

To start off, as I talked about in that post, I had a really bad week on weight watchers last week, and although I was gonna try to skip WW this week, my coworker was starting this week, and we were gonna push each other, and I was gonna go to the meeting we were gonna try to go to weekly.    So at lunch time, we left not for lunch but for weight watchers.   I get there, and I wanted to turn around right away because the meeting location looked like a shithole - but then again, I work in a pretty po-dunk town.

To back track a bit, I have a fast pass.   The fast pass is kinda like a monthly train pass that you pay for monthly and get to whenever you want, how often you want.   Its cheaper than paying each week, and its easier.  It automatically renews every month, and I have a printout showing I paid, and if you look at my weight tracker, every week they put a sticker on, which shows my height, weight, goal weight, how much I lostthat week, total lost, FP # and FP expiration date (the last two are important to this story).

So, back to Wednesday, I stand in this line of about 6 people and wait forever, eventually getting to be next, so I hand over my weight tracker, which included inside has my fast pass.  The lady starts asking for my fast pass, I say what I gave her is what Ive been given.   She says I should have received a card, I said I never did, but Ive never had problems.   So then she starts telling me about how their system is down and it isn't a problem when the system is down, but she can't check anything.   I said that the information is there, I went last week and had no issues.   Again, she says that their system is down, blah blah blah.    Then she says she can't accept this and count this week unless i have my fast pass, as she needs to write down my fast pass number (which remember is in my weight tracker!).   Finally after the constant going back and forth, I just said fine, i won't weigh in - Ill just take it as a sign that I shouldn't weigh in this week.

So then my co-worker goes up to register, and the lady says there is a deal starting next week where registration fee will be waived.   My co-worker thinks about it and says no, she is here now and she just wants to do it.   You'd think that would be enough - right?  Nope, she keeps going on, trying to convince my co-worker to leave and sign up next week - almost even tearing to pieces the registration form.    After she realized my co-worker is wanting to sign up, no matter the costs, she then offers the 10 week plan where you pay a little less a week - but you pay it all up front - and guess what the special is with that plan?   No registration fee.

Clearly this lady was trying to turn us both away from weight watchers...

Somewhat off topic - but not...

Do I go to weight watchers tonight after a really bad week that I know I gained like 3 pounds and I already ate my days worth of points for the day (damn snacking when working from home!)?   Or do I skip it, and try to make up for it next week, even though I will be traveling 3 days - which means I have 3 full days worth of meals out - and will have to weigh in on Wednesday - which means its a 5-day week?

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