Sunday, November 27, 2011

Waiting for the phones to start ringing

I just replied to an email with a good deal of inferred attitude towards my MIL and I know the phones will start a-ringing as soon as she reads the email.

I got an email from my SIL this morning asking if we were ever invited to celebrate Hanukkah with my ILs because they were invited with a variety of dates to choose from and when they responded asking whether we were invited my ILs said that they have not heard back from us.

Guess why they never heard back??   You should be able to guess really easily. 

Ready to see if you guessed right?   Im confident you probably did.

We never responded because we were never invited!!  No phone calls, no emails, no nothing.  

My BIL responded to MILs email and included us in on it to say what worked for them and ask us.   I then responded to all thanking my BIL for inviting us and bluntly stating "we never responded because we were never actually invited".   Unlike my MIL, I was taught not to lie - so I just stated the truth - maybe with a little attitude, but oh well, Im sick of their lies.

Let's see if she faces the truth head on and calls Hubby to yell at Hubby (ie us) and say how untrue that is (she lies so much she believes her own lies) and say how rude it is or if she hides from the truth and just ignores the email because she knows we caught her in the lie.   I guess the former.   Whatever the case, she will never actually face me about it - she is too afraid of me :)

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