Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Thanksgiving Feast - Dessert Edition

Yesterday I reviewed the recipes I made for the main meal, and today I wanted to share some of the desserts we had on the dessert buffet table.   I had my guests provide the desserts, but then as I was procrastinating on cleaning the house on Wednesday and couldn't start the turkey and sides until Thursday morning, I decided to make some sweet recipes that Ive had my eyes on.

A couple weeks ago, I gave some ideas of what to do with leftover halloween candy, and I couldn't wait to make to make the recipe for leftover halloween candy bark.   So while I was doing my food shopping for Thanksgiving, I decided to also buy the ingredients I didn't have to be able to make this.   Instead of using bittersweet chocolate, I had dark chocolate chips on hand, so I used those instead.   Other than that, I followed the recipe.   It was good, but the idea sounded better than the product for me - but others really like this one - which was evidenced not only by the response, but also by the minimal amount left.

That wasn't the only candy bark I made though.   I also saw this recipe for halloween candy corn bark on one of the blogs I follow, and since I LOVE LOVE LOVE candy corn and white chocolate, this was right up my alley.   I have to admit - I can't wait to make some more!   Its almost gone and it was really good.   My one sister found this to be too sweet, but she also admittedly has the same issue with white chocolate  which accounts for this.    With that being said, I love the level of sweetness, but it could definitely go for a little less oreos (maybe 10 instead of 14) and a little more pretzels (maybe 2 cups)

The last thing I made was this recipe for pumpkin cookies with a few substitutions.   My turkey day surely was not a kosher affair (although it was a kosher turkey) so there was no reason to use margarine in place of butter, as butter is yummier, bakes better and isn't full of the trans fats that margarine is.  Also, I don't like walnuts, so I substituted macadamia nuts as they are a great compliment to white chocolate.    There also was another change to the recipe that wasn't on purpose.   While making the cookies, I was grinding sea salt into the recipe for the small amount of salt when my salt grinder broke and the sea salt went pouring into the batter.   I was able to pick most of it out, but there were plenty of sea salt rocks that I did not get out, so there was more salt than should be and it was in the form of rocks and not ground.   Many of the cookies do not give that salty flavor, but the ones that do still taste good, but I also like salted caramel and such.

But even better than these recipes were some of the desserts my guests brought.   Hubby's Aunt and Uncle (FILs brother) made two AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS pies that she made last year as well.   From here on out - this is what they will always be bringing :)   If you want to try your hand at these recipes, you can find them on her blog here: Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie.

Another of hubby's aunts (MILs sister) brought her yummy brownies.   I don't know this recipe - but she has been to three of our gatherings and brought these brownies each time - and I wouldn't have it any other way.   I am not a big chocolate lover - but these are nice and fudgy and perfect for chocolate lovers and chocolate not-so-lovers!

And for the healthier options, my mom brought some delicious fruit, which amazingly was the first thing taken by two of the kids (even before the "dinner").   To accompany the fruit, I made a healthy pumpkin dip - it tasted good, but was overlooked by the yummy, unhealthy stuff - which just means more for me when I try to get back on diet today (or more like Monday when I can "dump" all the unhealthy food on my co-workers).

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